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Christian President, Alternative Candidate For True Leadership.

christianpresident17122017“ST MAARTEN, like you, I share the same sentiments time and time again. We are continuously being begged for our support during elections and once given the opportunity to represent us in government, our elected officials create amongst themselves a state of chaos and demonstrate incompetence. We, the people, suffer the consequences”.

This opening statement, written by Christian President, characterizes him as a man passionate about his country and explains his reason for entering politics and making himself the alternative candidate for the true leadership that St. Maarten so desperately needs. The Sint Maarten Christian Party is pleased to present Mr. Christian President, who became the very first member of the Party when it was launched in 2015 and who has now decided to contest the upcoming election as candidate number 10 on the SMCP slate - the candidate on an alternative party.

Christian President was born, raised and educated in St. Maarten. He is a devoted family man and very passionate about the success and well-being of all people. After obtaining his Bachelor of Science degree in Electronics Engineering, Christian landed a job at the Princess Juliana International Airport where he works primarily with communication, navigation and surveillance systems within the technical division.

Some of his governing principles are:

  • to conduct the people’s business with honesty, transparency, efficiency, and accountability
  • to bridge the gap of communication between Parliament and the people
  • to prioritize and reallocate financing where needed most
  • to promote and support integrity oversight especially in finance and justice
  • to highlight preventive healthcare which can, in turn, suppress health conditions
  • to address the people’s concerns and the imbalances in government
  • to provide differentiated education for all individuals at all levels
  • to restore trust between the people and their government

Christian President intends to take St. Maarten into a new direction, away from the failures we constantly experience. A new direction in which people of St. Maarten will all play a direct role in the success and upward mobility of our sweet St. Maarten Land.

He quotes the words of Socrates: “The secret of change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new,” and concludes by saying, “So, as we gear up towards a new year, let us strive for a clear vision, new leadership and change that will help St. Maarten rise again and become anew”. His slogan:
For change you can depend!

SMCP Press Release

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