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Member of Parliament Egbert Jurendy Doran, calls on government to assist the people as soon as possible.

ejurendydoran19042018Says “Time is of essence

Member of Parliament Egbert Jurendy Doran, says that for government, or anyone for that matter, to just state that there are “some problems” out there among our people, is truly an understatement, as it is far worst than that.
After seven and a half months, most of the people of this country who were deeply affected by hurricane Irma, are still waiting and longing for some form relief.
He stated that many people are suffering immensely, and even though he understands everything cannot be done right away, getting assistance to the majority of the people, especially in the area of rebuilding, is taking way too long.
More so, seeing that another very active hurricane season has been predicted for 2018 and commences on June 1st, just a few weeks away.
MP Doran, is, therefore, urging his colleagues in Parliament, across the board, and all those appointed to the Council of Ministers, to work diligently towards the betterment of this country, in all sense of the word. Give it your all, and not let it be only just lip service.
“Members of Parliament and Members of the Council of Ministers, should all respect each other, putting any personal egos aside, and always remember that this is not about them alone, but about all the people of this country, whom they were either elected or appointed to represent”, the Member of Parliament said.
The Member of Parliament said that things are quite worrisome and vast improvements are needed, in practically all areas of this country. He went on to name some of the areas of grave concern to him, that he either personally witnessed or was told about while moving around through the various districts.

 First and foremost, in the area of housing. Before, and in particular after hurricane Irma. The need for housing among our people is enormous and requires urgent attention. Acquiring land or house is a nightmare for practically everyone and is considered one of the biggest problems on the island. Government needs to tackle this problem immediately.
 Telecommunication on Sint Maarten needs serious improvements. Too often the public sector as well as the private sector is practically paralyzed. Although this seems to be becoming the norm, this cannot continue.
 Health care and the stories told surrounding this area, are really too many to mention in this article but are documented. Immediate upgrade is needed as this is an area where lives are at stake.
 Our people have been facing astronomical electricity and water bills for years, which are unaffordable for most.
 Even though the process for one to receive social aid, should not be an easy one, most times our people have to go through “hell and high water” as our elders would say, before they are able to receive any form of assistance when or if they fall short.
 Animal Welfare awareness, although not easily spoken about during meetings as a priority by the Leaders of this country, is seriously needed and way overdue among our people, as there are many out there who still treat animals the same way as they were brought up to do, which most of the times isn’t the right way.
 Awareness in Music, Sports and Culture, needs to be increased in the schools and throughout the various communities, for the mere fact that this takes away stress and can also help to prevent, mainly our youth from falling through the cracks.
 At the same time, proper rehabilitation is needed to assist those who regretfully have fallen through the cracks, to get back up on their feet again, and back into our community, and back to leading normal lives.
 Proper accommodations for our Elderly and Disabled, allowing them to lead decent lives despite their situation, is greatly lacking.
 The Infrastructure of this country is in dire need of improvement. This speaks for itself when you look around you.
 The problem with our beaches, where it pertains to whether they are private or public, needs to be resolved once and for all, and not left up to “property owners” to do as they please with our people.
 The people of this country deserve more professional service in the private and public sector, even if it means retraining those providing these services. Sad to say, but in many establishments, the service provided is way below par and needs to be improved.
 The situations among employees and employers, in the private and public sector also needs urgent attention. Situations of abuse seems to be rampant from both sides, and the need to find common ground is great and the labor mediator needs to play a more vital role.

“These are just a few of the ills that plague this community, highlighting the fact that it is not easy at all for our people out there and a lot of work lies ahead of us, as we focus on easing their burdens. Even though I am aware that getting finances in place, to be able to execute projects, is one of the biggest challenges that government faces at this moment, the needs of the people should be addressed in an urgent manner ”, he said.
To his colleagues in Parliament and to the Council of Ministers he said, “Let us all agree to work towards the betterment of these and all other areas, as this is the reason persons are elected to Parliament and ministers are appointed to the Council of Ministers”, the Member of Parliament said to the members of both the legislative and the executive branches.
In closing, MP Doran said to the people of Sint Maarten: “I can assure you, that things will not go quiet until another February 26th (election day), rolls around in 4 years, but that I will be working diligently with the cooperation of the government, towards seeing the betterment of the abovementioned serious issues that you are faced with. I pledge to give you top representation, because you, deserve nothing less.
God bless you, the people of Sint Maarten”

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