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PoP should get off PM and TEATT minister’s chairs.

PHILIPSBURG:--- With interest and some amusement, the United Democrats (UD) is taking note of the steady encroachment by the President of Parliament (PoP), Rolando Brison on the domains of the Prime Minister and the Minister of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transportation and Telecommunications (TEATT).

In the PoP's most recent political act, he traveled to The Netherlands to accompany the Prime Minister. What was achieved by this move? Is the PM not capable to represent this coalition Government?
Whatever happened to dualism/the separation of power?

Additionally in a recent social media comment and video, the PoP tried to spin the concerns of many, regarding the reopening of Princess Juliana International Airport (PJIA).

"Many persons have expressed their opinions on flights originating from the United States of America and rightfully so," the UD stated.

Even though repatriation flights are only now being arranged, it is done amidst confusion about the required testing for our citizens.

"Bringing our people home should have been priority number one from the onset of this pandemic. A mutual agreement should have been sought when the US repatriated their citizens, that ours would have been included on those inbound flights."

The UD further questioned, "What can we expect as a country for the resumption of flights and their frequencies? Is anyone talking to decision-makers or the network planning officials at the airlines?"

Shouldn't communication on this matter originates from the Ministry of TEATT?

In the past the current PoP, was seemingly relentless about convening endless meetings of the TEATT Committee, insisting on the presence of the then Minister of TEATT.

"Now with scheduling ability and coalition support, why are meetings being postponed? Where are the pending meetings since they were so “desperately” needed? Was it a publicity stunt or just cheap politics?," the UD queried.

Closed-door meetings by the PoP are now the order of the day. (Public transportation, Kingdom relations etc.) Where is the total transparency for the public?

It is evident the especially the TEATT Ministry has to deal with a blatant interference of the PoP in the executive branch, inclusive of cabinet appointees.

"Why is there still so much uncertainly of airlines resuming flights and flight frequencies? Has the Ministry of TEATT reached out to the network planning officials of the various airlines to ascertain more concrete information for the public at large?", the UD asks.

To date, we still await a realistic economic recovery plan, tourism master plan, and a full update on the resumption of our cruise tourism sector.

UD Press Release.

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