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5-Star hotel development proposed at Indigo Bay Development.

indigobay14102020PHILIPSBURG:---Tau Capital and Altree Developments Inc, both world-class real estate development firms, have partnered with Cay Bay Development N.V. (the master developer at Indigo Bay Development, CBD), to propose the development of a luxury hotel resort and condos on Sint Maarten. The proposed high-end hotel development at Indigo Bay Development is expected to feature certain luxury accommodations and 5-star amenities, approximately including, but not limited to:

✓ 94 Hotel Rooms and suites
✓ 55 Lanai Suites
✓ 60 Two Bedroom Units
✓ 15 Three Bedroom Units.
✓ A Large luxury spa (10,000 sq. U.)
✓ Conference facility
✓ An All-day dining restaurant
✓ A Fine dining restaurant
✓ Beach bar
✓ Pool bar
✓ Fitness center
✓ MulIple pools
✓ Kids & Teen Club.

additionally, the proposed hotel development is expected to feature large water ponds and greenery areas in keeping with its eco-centric vision, as well as an extensive public parking area for public beach access to Indigo bay. The Imaging for such a development could not have come at a more opportune Ime as country St Maarten is tasked with creating new and innovative strategies to counter the global economic crisis due to the pandemic. In an economy whereby hospitality and tourism are at the center of its recovery, it is expected that the development of a high-end branded hotel in SXM would provide an enormous boost to this endeavor by enhancing several areas in:

▪ Enhancing the global a]racIveness of St. Maarten as a prime tourist destination
▪ Increasing hotel accommodation by approximately 20%
▪ Increasing the number of annual visitors to SXM is expected to increase due to this development
by 32000 based on hotel occupancy of 65% (double), and an average stay of five nights.
▪ A]racIng high-value tourist that may choose SXM as a vacation destination as opposed to
accessing surrounding islands through our air and sea, ports of entry.

Labor (employment and training opportunities)
▪ Providing Jobs during the planning and construction period for over several hundred technical
personnel and local contractors alike
▪ Ensuring several hundred employment opportunities for locals to sustain resort operations once
construction has been completed
▪ Providing internship opportunities for residents studying locally or internationally in the field of
hospitality and hotel management.

▪ creating downstream opportunities in the hospitality, maritime, transportation, etc. sectors. (e.g. tour operators, boat charters, local restaurants, and bars, etc.)

The Economy
▪ creating New Foreign Direct Investment and Foreign Exchange Earnings
▪ Providing additional revenues for SXM through substantial long term and ongoing contributions to its Tax revenue per annum
▪ contributing to a major boost of the GDP of SXM
▪ increase real estate sales over the next three years.

The total project development cost is estimated at US 220M. The proposed World-class hotel development once completed will be managed by an internationally recognized hotel brand, which will lend itself to greater global recognition. The addition of an international brand affiliated with one of the main hotel companies in the world can be expected to drive substantial additional business to the island down the line. The projected marketed Average Daily Rate (ADR) for hotel rooms at the proposed new hotel development is expected to be substantially higher than the current average daily rates on St. Maarten.

The announcement in the internaIonal (travel) media of the planned development of a high-end branded hotel project at Indigo Bay Development would assist in highlighIng St. Maarten to internaIonal travel industry professionals and suppliers. Airlines, travel wholesalers and independent travel agencies will take further noIce. As will, investment firms and hotel development companies, interested in possibly adding St. Maarten to their porgolio for future investment opportuniIes.

The CBD and the principals of the proposed hotel development seeks to assure that the interest of the ciIzenry and of the environment are paramount to their endeavor and in doing so are cognizant of the misinformaIon being circulated widely about said development and would like to provide informaIon to address same. One such instance has been the reported height of said development whereby many may confuse ‘height’ (above the ground) with ‘elevaIon’ (above the sea level). That being stated, the proposed hotel is designed not to directly obstruct any views whereby, the maximum roof height of the mulI-story buildings are between 20.5m and 27.5 meters above sea level.

Further to this, CBD has requested approval for certain variances to Planning Permit PP-05088 ‘Cay Bay Development’. These requests were based on the commitment by CBD and its principals to invest not just in the infrastructure of the luxury hotel but also in its surroundings. To that end, the requested approval will finally provide the necessary assistance required to address the needs of the surrounding coastlines, beach faciliIes and marine life that were severely eroded and affected post hurricane Irma.
In terms of special consideraIon per the variances request submi]ed, CBD and the principals of the proposed hotel development have indicated
▪ that some 6 acres of the overall hotel site of about 18 acres is projected as a green zone,
including the retenIon ponds that were originally constructed at Indigo Bay Development by
▪ AddiIonally, the proposed hotel development includes public parking faciliIes substanIally in
excess of required public parking and access as sIpulated under the planning permit.
Towards beach development and amended setbacks in certain areas; the principals of the proposed
hotel development have indicated:
▪ that they are willing to look at compensaIon by way of the creaIon of the dedicated green zone
with beach access and parking menIoned above,
▪ via a beach restoraIon/protecIon program and/or the installaIon of reef balls in the bay.

The intenIon of the beach restoraIon iniIaIve is geared towards having an environment which compliments the hotel and its many ameniIes. The aforemenIoned beach (Indigo Bay) will be a public beach as per the “beach policy” and the many upgrades outlined above is intended to ensure it is safe, aestheIc, and enjoyable for all. The new inhabitable buildings of the hotel development, with the excepIon of a small wedge of one 2 story building, comprising less than 200 square meters, does not infringe upon said “beach policy” nor will it.

On October 2nd, 2020, in accordance with the NaIonal Ordinance on SpaIal Development Planning (AB
2013, GT no 144) and the Planning Permit PP-05088 ‘Cay Bay Estates’, ArIcle 5.4, the minister of VROMI
announced placement of the masterplan Indigo Bay Hotel & Condo by developer Cay Bay Development
NV (CBD) on public review for thirty (30) days.

As such, the principals of the proposed hotel development at Indigo Bay Development remains commi]ed to full transparency in its undertakings and adherence to all relevant policies and laws of SXM.


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