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UD: Minister Doran out of touch with reality.

PHILIPSBURG:--- The unveiling of a multi-million dollar project by the current Minister of VROMI demonstrates the depth of how out of touch with reality this coalition Government is.

The UD questioned, "What are the details of this project especially the source of funding and the overall projected cost?"

"One of this Minister's core speaking points was always a Calibration department during his tenure as a Member of Parliament. You would think a matter like this would have this government’s undivided attention, considering the economic impact COVID-19 is having on the working class of our country. But guess what? Not a word on this from his colleague Minister of TEATT.

Clearly a case of political banter on the floor of parliament, like in so many instances with the current ministers when they served in parliament.

Matters are going downhill fast and the government is unable to stop the free fall.

The General Audit Chamber’s report, the looming clash with the CFT on the loan issue are signs of a government without direction or leadership.

You would think elections are around the corner, the way the government is behaving. Unveiling projects, without details at a time when the government can’t even secure funds for its own immediate operations.

How many plans do we have for this location? Wasn't the vision of the minister’s coalition partner for this location a Performing Arts Center and Library? What happened to that project?

The UD also queries if all necessary due diligence has taken place prior to just releasing the latest costly artistic impressions.

Would it not have behooved the coalition government to share these intended projects as part of their overall short and medium-term plans for the country? We are in October and can’t get an amended government budget.

The NA/UPP governing program that was released has no planning, no financial chapter, just another long list of wishful thinking.

We are really in a sad state as a country and no signs of improvement coming from this government to instill confidence and give the people hope.

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