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EXCLUSIVE: Students claim Taxes R US tutor defrauded them, while issuing fraudulent diplomas. (UPDATED 1)

~ Employees were fired when they discovered the scam. ~

PHILIPSBURG: --- Several students that have taken classes at Taxes R US on Cannigieter Street with its tutor Patricia Mason have discovered that they were each defrauded of large sums of money and that the courses and examination they wrote were not even registered with the ACCA and other learning institutions.
One student said she did a payroll course and was awarded a diploma only to find out the diploma she was given is not legitimate and that the US-based school is not even aware of the tutor’s existence. This student is working for the Department of Labor and Social Affairs.
Another student said only in March 2021 after writing examinations and while waiting for the results she contacted the ACCA and was told that they are not in possession of any examination that she reportedly took. In an email to the student, the ACCA said that while she was registered at ACCA London there are no records of her doing any examinations, most of all the ACCA does not know or have any affiliation with Taxes R US on St. Maarten or its tutor Patricia Mason.
According to the students, even an employee working for the National Recovery Program Bureau (NRPB) had his employer paid for courses that cost way over $2,000.00 and the courses are not legitimate. Some employers went ahead and paid the full amount to Mason and just like many others did not do any type of research. The students said while they were a group of 8 students, they have since learned that there are several groups of students that attended classes at the institution and were all defrauded unknowing to them.
Employees fired and not paid.
To make matters worst the employer who also worked for the government of St. Maarten previously fired her employees and she allegedly did not pay the employees. The employer has since levied a number of accusations against the employees.
The employees said that when they were hired at different periods of time, the employer offered them a salary but not once they were paid the full amount. They said the employer enrolled them in several accounting courses without their knowledge and consent and deducted the cost of the courses from their salaries. They said they too were issued diplomas they now realized are not legitimate while the tutor is not affiliated with any of the overseas-based learning institutions.
Speaking to SMN News, the employees said that the businesswoman is not only robbing students that want to improve their education to secure better jobs locally but she is also submitting fictitious information to the government on behalf of her clients. There are people that are paying for bogus payslips and other documents to file for residency and working permits they alleged.
SMN News tried contacting Mason for a comment regarding the courses she is providing and the allegations made against her and Taxes R US but she could not be reached.
The employees and students said that they intend to visit the Prosecutor’s Office and the Detective Department where they will file official complaints against the tutor.

The tutor of Taxes R US provided a statement to SMN News along with documents to show that she does represent ACCA and NACPB.

I have just read your Article and was quite surprised by the accusations made.
The students from NACPB received their certificates based on the courses taken, the Tax Course were given in co-instruction with another Certified Tax consultant. For NACPB to say that I am known, then their Certificate sent to me via registered mail is also fake.

Attached is the Membership Certificate from NACPB. Correspondence with ACCA I also have the correspondences with ACCA regarding registration for Approved Learning Partner.

Persons that I have personally been in contact with at ACCA regarding course info, registration and other info.
Persons names are:
Fiona Crawford, Professional Qualifications Approval Officer ACCA
Jason Forbes, Accreditation Officer ACCA
Rachele Annis, Professional Qualifications Approvals Officer ACCA
Julie MacFarlane, Professional Qualifications Re-accreditation Officer ACCA
Anouska Sammy (Ms), Education & Student Development Manager ACCA-Caribbean

As for the 2 dismissed employees, you will need to contact my legal counsel regarding that matter as I am not at liberty disclose any information regarding that matter.
As an employer, I have had to give and take a lot to make TRU what it is today and for persons to make extreme accusations and even provide name of other individuals in it shows the level of unethical thinking in today's world.

"Bringing an individual down because you wish to get even with them demonstrates the low-minded thinking of society. We need to rise as a people and stop tarnishing people's reputation and worry about building our weary Economy to where we can be comfortable and prosperous."

Click here to see communication from the institutions submitted by the employees and students that spoke to SMN News.

Click here to see documents provided by Patricia Mason on behalf of Taxes R US

While SMN News managed to obtain a statement from Taxes R US and tutor Patricia Mason. Mason submitted a written statement and the registration at the ACCA and NACPB which was done in September 2020, while the diplomas were issued in 2019.
Mason also submitted a diploma with the same seal and signature which the ACCA and NACPB indicated are forged by email to the students that contacted them that requested verification.



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