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Ridiculous Rules at Fisherman's Wharf.

Dear Editor,


I bought an apartment at the Fisherman's Wharf two years ago and if I only knew how the board had so many ridiculous rules, I would have never invested in an apartment there.

On Friday 27th August 2021 my Ac stopped working so I went to Gree to buy a new Ac and they said: the only available date to switch my Ac is on Saturday 28th August 2021 so, I agreed.

The company sent their employees on Saturday Morning at 10:10 am to do the switch and the security at Fisherman's Wharf refused to let them in because they had tools in their hands and she said: There is no work on Saturdays and Sundays rule at the complex.

The men tried to reason with her to explain that I already have an AC so they only need to take down the old Ac and put up the new Ac. The brackets and the hole is already there from my previous Ac so it is not much work to do.

According to the security, she contacted the board and only ONE member of the board said yes and the others said no I am not allowed to work on my own apartment. I believe, the board member that said yes, goes by the name Kenneth. However, I was not allowed to fix my AC because he is one guy. He can't decide for the board.

This made me very furious because Gree workers were running on a tight schedule and according to the board I can only fix things in MY APARTMENT on Monday to Fridays.

I work Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. Sometimes, I finish at 6 pm so I have no time to fix things during the week since I'm also not allowed to fix things at night.

So, I took the tools from the workers and put them in my car, and used my pass to get into the apartment. After that, I sent the board a rude email because they were being very difficult.

It's an apartment, I cannot foresee when things are going to break. I wish my AC lasted but it did not. This is not the first time I had that problem with the board. Last year, my apartment got flooded out on a Sunday and they also refused to let me work on my apartment but I did it anyway. They threatened to give me a fine for working on my apartment many times but I will not pay it because that is ridiculous. Things break at any time of the day. It's not something that I can foresee and schedule.

So, in revenge, the board blocked my access pass so I'm not allowed to enter the premises with my car to go to my apartment. I pay my maintenance fee ($110) on time every month. The maintenance fee includes parking and yet I'm not allowed to park inside. This is ridiculous.

So, somebody needs to do something about the rules at fisherman's wharf because they act like they are running a prison. They act as if I break things on purpose so I can spend money and make payment plans to fix my apartment on a Saturday or Sunday when I'm free.

Things really need to change at Fisherman's Wharf!!!





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