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RSM candidates meets with Haitian Community.

haitiancommunityrsm11032022MARIGOT/PHILIPSBURG:--- A delegation of leaders within the Haitian community met on Wednesday night to organize their strategic support for Martine Beldor, the number four candidate on the RSM party list headed by Mr. Louis Mussington.

The meeting was organized by the Vice President of the Haitian Association of Sint Maarten (H.A.S.M.A). Mr. Fabio Doralice saw the presence of heads of various organizations within the Haitian community that pledge and rallied their support of Ms. Martine Beldor.

Martine Beldor and the RSM Party list will be contesting the territorial election on St. Martin Nord on March 20th, 2022.

In attendance were:

- President of the Haitian Association of Sint Maarten (H.A.S.MA) Mr. Jimmy Jean Louis.
- President of Bus drivers Association Mr. CLAUDE OMEUS
- Vice President of H.A.S.M.A Fabio Doralice.
- RSM leader Mr. LOUIS Mussington
- Haitian Pastor League representative Mr. Dominique Vital.
- Former president of the Haitian association and community activist. Mr. Kesner Guerier
- Representative of the Permanent Electoral Council (P.E.C) Jean Boasman
- UP party candidate Kevin Maingrette.
- Various Radio/ Media personalities
- Dr. MICHEL PETTY candidate on RSM
- MARTINE beldor Candidate on RSM
- Various stakeholders & business owners within the Haitian community.
- Dilenord JOSEPH - Past President of Association Les A
- Silvane JOINVIL - Président of Association Talents Créoles

 "Tonight was historic, for the first time we were able to have all leaders and influencers within the Haitian community endorse one candidate. In the past, our votes were scattered amongst the numerous Haitian candidates on the various lists.

Upon becoming the vice president of the Haitian association one of my top priorities was getting key players within the Haitian community on the same page. Tonight, against popular belief we prove that it is possible to work together to achieve and support a common goal." - Fabio Doralice.

"This is a true example of what RSM is all about, the coming together for the forward movement of St. Martin, irregardless of background, ethnicity, social position, or gender.

We need all hands on deck to help build a thriving and prosperous St. Martin. I thank the Haitian community for pledging their support for RSM." Louis Mussinton

This has been one of my biggest goals as president of the Haitian Association of Sint Maarten to see the entire Haitian Community Rally their support for one Haitian candidate. We are finally getting it right. - Jimmy Jean Louis.

I want to commend the organizers of this meeting and stakeholders within the Haitian community. Haitians are amongst the group of migrants that helped build St. Martin. I applaud them for unifying their voices and supporting the RSM. - Dr. Michel petty.

" I want to commend Mr. Fabio Doralice for organizing the meeting and the extraordinary work he and his team is carrying out within the Haitian Community. He proves that you can still build bridges and unify for a purpose."- Martine Beldor.

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