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No information provided to Parliament regarding the dismissal of PJIAE’s COO.

PHILIPSBURG:--- The Council of Ministers and Minister of TEATT did not expect the dismissal of the Chief Operating Officer of PJIAE  Michel Hyman since the shareholder requested information from the Holding Board of PJIAE. Due to the sensitivity of the case and possible court cases, the Minister told the parliament of St. Maarten he is unable to share detailed information.

Minister of TEATT Roger Lawrence told the Parliament of St. Maarten that documentation regarding the dismissal of Michel Hyman. He said corporate lawyers are also engaged since the COO already indicated through his attorneys that they are not in agreement with the dismissal.

Minister Lawrence expressed disappointment with the handling of the dismissal of the COO. He said that the ATC workers have concerns about their cost-of-living adjustments (COLA) and backpay for 2018 to 2020, and their health and safety. The meeting with the unions is expected to continue their meetings next week.

Chairlady of Parliament Grisha Heyliger Marten posed several questions regarding the Holding Board of PJIAE and their appointment.

Holding Board

1.      When exactly were the two board members of the holding company board appointed and what are their names and what are their board positions?

2.      What method was used to select and appoint these members and how long did this process take?

3.      Correct me if I’m wrong, the holding board comprises 3 board members, and 1 board member has been there from the onset when the Schiphol appointment was initiated. Remind everyone, what’s his name and how long has he been there.

This next player involved is the minister of TEATT


4.      I would like to know the exact date Min Lawrence, got sworn in?

5.       Minister of TEATT to confirm that he is currently the shareholder’s representative of PJIAH, and when that mandate was issued by the Council of Ministers?

6.      Was the former Min of TEATT shareholder rep of PJIAH?

7.      Is the Minister of TEATT as shareholder representative satisfied with the composition of the holding company board and its functioning? 

  Wescot-Williams also questioned the communication sent to the parliament of St. Maarten where the Prime Minister of St Maarten Silveria Jacobs said that the Minister of TEATT is mandated to handle the matters PJIAE. Wescot Williams asked for further details as she wants to know if the Minister of TEATT just has to handle the affairs of the dismissal of the COO or does he just has to answer questions posed by parliament. She asked what role the Council of Ministers played with the government-owned companies.
Wescot Williams said something is not right when it comes to the support from Parliament to the Council of Ministers based on the questions posed on Friday.

Member of Parliament Sarah Wescot Williams in her presentation said the presentation by the Minister was not desirous as there was little to no information on the matter at hand as such she did not pose questions on the dismissal rather she questioned the position of the Shareholder, especially Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs.

The chairman of Parliament Sidharth Bijlani had a little spat with Member of Parliament Christopher Emmanuel who was playing a song during his speakers' time. Bijlani chose to adjourn the meeting since he was not in agreement with the MP playing a song during the parliamentary debate. Emmanuel in his protest against the decision of the chairman said that the chairman is also part of the backstabbing.

The Independent MP went on to explain how the Holding Board trumped up the allegations because last year the Holding Board said they took the decision to fire the COO because he failed to inform his employer why he was absent from work while he was incarcerated. Emmanuel said that since the disappearance of the dossier that was sent to parliament came up during the budget debate the holding board then added the “leaking of information” as a reason to dismiss the statutory director.

Emmanuel also questioned the Minister of TEATT if he approved the appointment of the General Manager of the Holding Board since the appointed managing director is a pensioner.

Emmanuel also asked the Minister if he is aware of the suspects of the Piranha case when the Chief Financial Officer of WINAIR was arrested and was never suspended or fired. He further asked about the case of the Emerald case involving the former CEO who was charged and convicted for embezzlement.

He asked about the case of the Mental Health Director who is currently under investigation but managed to obtain a contract from the Minister of Health.

Emmanuel said Hyman has not been charged with any crimes, he is a person of interest according to the prosecutor’s office yet he was dismissed. His medical insurance and all other benefits were cut as of March 15th, 2022.

The Independent Member of Parliament questioned if the Manager Director of PJIAH reviewed the dossier and alleged that the dossier that Hyman prepared was also leaked to the now appointed Manager Director of PJIAH. He also alleged that someone is trying to take the Minister’s place because they are smiling in his face yet backstabbing him.


Click here to read the letter to MP Christophe Emmanuel regarding his questions during the Budget debate 2022.

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