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Turning Point Foundation - A New Board of Directors.

lloydrichardson01012024PHILIPSBURG:--- In the later part of 1989, Mr. Rudy Irion paid a visit to the home of Dr. Lloyd Richardson, to present a concept for a substance abuse rehabilitation program, which Mr. Irion had been challenged to create. The goal was to request that Dr. Richardson put together a board of directors and lead the charge of the rehabilitation program. Recruiting Mr. Roland Tuitt and Mr. Julian Richards (top) to serve alongside him on the Board of Directors, the quartet began the

research, brainstorming, formulating, and legwork necessary to bring the concept to fruition.

Thus in 1990, Stichting Cooperation was legally formed by the Elco Rosario Notarial Firm and officially launched in December of that same year. Soon after, land was provided by the Central government of the Netherlands Antilles for the purpose of the rehabilitation program. However, the land was never turned over to Turning Point but has since been given to another organization.

In February 1993, Stichting Cooperation ran a regional telethon with the aid of Mr. Steve Thompson, Richard Gibson, & Mr. Michael Ferrier of the Rotary Club of St. Maarten and many other conscientious and compassionate individuals too numerous to mention, which raised $250,000 USD and provided the foundational funding for the property that exists today.

Additional funds were provided by the Central Government under the auspices of then Minister of Health, Stanley Inderson, of the Central Government of the Netherlands Antilles. Minister of Justice at the time, Mr. Leo A. Chance, invited Dr. Richardson to travel to Curacao to work on the Overlast Derug Derslaafden to adjust the laws regarding the care and treatment of mandated clients (addicted persons who encounter the justice system). We thank them for their significant

contributions to the establishment and support of Turning Point.

It has indeed been an arduous journey spanning over 33 years. The Foundation has seen board members come and journey on to other ventures causing Dr. Richardson to have to reorganize the foundation several times. However, during those 33 years, Turning Point’s doors have never shut, whether for counseling services, which began in 1990, or for residential care which began in 1997. No hurricane, not even the evacuation of the landfill during the “dump fires” has ever

caused services to be interrupted. Even if it meant moving the operation to Dr. Richardson’s family home until the evacuation orders were lifted, the operation has never, over the 33 years, ceased to offer the services for which it was created. Times are different, and the demands on our organization have intensified, all the while addictive substances and their effects are ever-changing, thus continuing to reshape and alter the types of services the institution offers.

As we step back from the operation of this institution, Dr. Richardson would like to thank all of the previous members of the Board of Directors of Stichting Cooperation (S.C.) through the years, without whose support the doors would not have remained open. They are Roland Tuitt, CPA/RA, Julian Richards, MA, Henry Laurence of PJIAE, Franklin Patrick, Godwin Carty, James E. Arrindell, and the present Board of Directors of S.C., Clarence Richardson & Denicio Brison.

Also, we take this time to thank Dr. Judith Arndell who but for a brief interim period, stayed with the organization as the Clinical Director from 1990 through the latter part of 2019, at which time she departed to expand her already burgeoning enterprise. Staying through lean and sometimes months of no financing, she provided the clients with all she had to give, and we gave her recognition and thanks.

Now at the helm as Clinical and Executive Director stands the energetic and extremely dynamic Dr. Tasheena Maccow-Thomas, supported by the very able and talented Mr. Oliver Wilson as Program Director.


The new Board of Directors of the newly established foundation named “The Turning Point Foundation”, is President - Enchie Labega, Treasurer - Charles G. Thomas, and Secretary - Audra Cabey. We are grateful to this new and enthusiastic cadre of leaders for taking up the challenge of seeing this institution into higher and broader services for St. Maarten/St. Martin and the region. We pray for their clarity of vision and wisdom, and for the continued support of the governmental bodies that will steer Turning Point into this new era of existence. God’s blessings and His continued governance over the institution and team as they continue forward.

Stichting Corporation will remain intact, and its Board of Directors will serve as an advisory body to the new entity providing, when called upon, sage advice.

Having given of himself to the institution, to the clients, and the family members of Turning Point, dutifully and beyond the call of duty for 33 years, it is unequivocally without regret that Dr. Lloyd Richardson and the present Board of Directors turn their sights to other horizons while remaining available to advise the new body as needed.

We express our deepest and sincerest thanks to those who have supported Turning Point these last 33 years. The work was unceasing. Many tears shed along the way and many have driven us to endless prayers. Yet, we have remained steadfast. The results remain positive. And the much-needed services are continuing to be provided for those who need it most.

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