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Government was not consulted on GEBE investigation.

~ Report was sent on Friday, Shareholder calls an urgent meeting with SBOD and management on Thursday.~

silly06012022PHILIPSBURG:--- Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs in responding to questions posed by SMN News regarding the report submitted to the government on the Freya investigation said that the government received the report on Friday.
Jacobs said that it was uncanny to her that the prosecutor's Office and KPSM find it fitting to publish a report or parts of the report in the press before giving the government the opportunity to even follow up. Jacobs further explained that she believes having any further discussion on the matter would be premature. However, she said that the government is doing its due diligence and have been addressing the matter. She said that the government was told that NV GEBE was cooperating with the law enforcement that was investigating. Thus, the government wants to hear from NV GEBE and to see where the disconnection occurred. She reiterated that GEBE had notified KPSM of the ransomware attack in the first place as required by law.
The Prime Minister said that the operational matters of the government-owned company are not at their fingertips and they as shareholders have to request the information.
The Prime Minister said the report from the Prosecutors Office and KPSM was discussed on Tuesday in their Council of Ministers meeting and the shareholder has decided to call an urgent meeting with the Supervisory Board of Directors and management of NV GEBE to discuss the ransomware attack and other pending matters.
She said that the shareholder requested information some of which was to be provided by the 27th of June 2022 and that information is still pending.
Jacobs said NV GEBE was asked for information regarding the fuel clause and relief for the people. GEBE was also asked to provide updates on the reopening.

Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs said that when investigations are taking place government is not able to share information, she said NV GEBE did submit a preliminary report, but the government sent for following up information and it is still pending.
The Shareholder meeting was called and this she said will take place based on the procedures in place while an urgent meeting will take place on Thursday.


NIPA introduces several high-level programs for the academic year 2021-2022.

nipa29062022CAY HILL:---  The National Institute for Professional Advancement (NIPA) has once again made a positive stride in its effort to give back to the community of St. Maarten with the introduction of several new high-level programs at the start of the new academic year 2021-2022.
Besides the offering of level 1 and 2 programs, such as Cook on level 2 and ICT on level 2, we can proudly announce that we are now also offering Culinary Arts on level 4 and ICT Networking on level 4.
With the help of the Validation Committee, which has been established by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports Affairs, all of the NIPA programs are
now fully recognized by the Government of Sint Maarten. Students that follow any of our core programs will receive a diploma and will be certified in their field of
NIPA is offering courses in Automotive Technician, ICT Networking, General Property Maintenance, Maritime, Boat Master, Electrical Engineering, Culinary Arts, Hospitality, Associate Degree Nursing, Educational Assistant, Social Pedagogical Worker, and Business Administration at various levels. Besides our core program courses, the NIPA also offers a variety of Short Courses. These courses are often custom-made depending on the need of the business community and will be offered during the day as well as in the evening at the NIPA to accommodate the youth as well as the adult population on St. Maarten.
The National Institute for Professional Advancement (NIPA) is well aware that it is the key institution for creating professionals in St. Maarten. NIPA’s goal is to increase the number of local skilled professionals on the island and in the region. NIPA is confident that it has the human resources necessary to facilitate this need to increase the
skilled populace.
NIPA hopes that the St. Maarten community will make use of this opportunity and in turn, use their knowledge and skills to further contribute to nation-building.
Students can signup for any of our programs on the NIPA website

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