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Public Entity Saba Launches User-Friendly and Enhanced Government Website.

SABA—As part of the ongoing efforts to enhance digital services and accessibility for Saba's residents, the Public Entity is proud to announce the launch of phase one of its newly updated government website on July 22, 2024.
As part of phase one, the new website features a refreshed visual interface designed to make navigation simple and intuitive. Residents and visitors will find it easier than ever to access essential information about various government departments, processes, and services. With the addition of detailed descriptions of departmental functions and procedures, the website aims to serve as a comprehensive resource for the community.
Key enhancements include:
Improved Accessibility: The new layout ensures that information is more accessible, with user-friendly menus and a search function to quickly find relevant content.
Online Forms and Submissions: Residents can now access and submit applications for permits, licenses, grants, and subsidies online, reducing the need for in-person visits and streamlining administrative processes.
Comprehensive Information: The website now provides extensive details on the services offered by different departments, helping residents understand and utilize government resources more effectively.
This initiative is part of the broader Saba Package Agreement (2023 - 2027), which focuses on increasing digitalization and strengthening government services. Supported by the previous State Secretary of Kingdom Relations and Digitalization, Alexandra van Huffelen, the project underscores the commitment to modernizing public services for the benefit of all Saba residents.
Governor Jonathan Johnson remarked, "This new website is a significant step forward in our goal to enhance the usability and accessibility of government services for our community. We are excited about the positive impact it will have on our residents' daily lives."
On July 22nd, residents are encouraged to explore the first phase of the new website via the link and take advantage of the improved features designed to make interacting with the government easier and more efficient.


KPSM Responds to Recent Community Concerns and Highlights Successful Crime Prevention Operation.

PHILIPSBURG:--- The Sint Maarten Police Force (KPSM) would like to address our community's recent concerns and reactions regarding a video on social media depicting a confrontation involving our officers. We regret any distress this video may have caused and wish to clarify the situation.

KPSM's strong actions yesterday were part of a targeted operation aimed at preventing a serious planned crime. As a result of this operation, we successfully arrested five individuals involved in criminal activities, including robberies and firearm offenses. We proudly announce that these arrests have likely prevented a significant incident, potentially saving lives.

Additionally, a sixth suspect being sought turned himself in. This individual is not only connected to the crimes mentioned but is also a suspect in the shooting incident that occurred on June 11, 2024, which led to the death of the victim, Mr Andy Pascal, in Hope Estate.

We want to assure the general public that our primary mission is to serve and protect. This commitment always guides our actions, and we strive to carry out our duties with integrity and responsibility. The arrests made yesterday demonstrate our dedication to maintaining safety and justice for all residents and visitors of Sint Maarten.

The suspects will now face the judicial process and be held accountable for their involvement in these crimes. KPSM remains steadfast in its commitment to protect our community and ensure a secure environment for everyone.

We appreciate the public’s understanding and support as we continue to fulfill our responsibilities. Together, we can work towards a safer and more secure Sint Maarten.



KPSM Press Release.


Official Voter Registration Statistics Announced for August 19th, 2024 Parliamentary Elections.

PHILIPSBURG:--- The Ministry of General Affairs, alongside the Central Voting Bureau, is pleased to provide the public with the latest statistics from the Voter Registry, which officially closed on June 03, 2024.

This update is part of our commitment to transparency and public engagement in the lead-up to the Parliamentary Elections slated for August 19th, 2024.
The total number of registered voters for the upcoming election is 22,747. The breakdown by gender is as follows:
● Male Voters: 10,728
● Female Voters: 12,019
The total number of registered voters per polling station is as follows:
● John Larmonie Center: 935
● Sundial School: 1396
● St. Maarten Senior Recreational Center: 1446
● Sister Marie Laurence School: 1443
● Dutch Quarter Community Center: 1434
● Milton Peters College (MPC): 1435
● Rupert Maynard Community Center: 1425
● Sint Maarten Academy: 1405
● Bute Hotel: 1463
● National Institute for Professional Advancement (NIPA): 1427
● Charles Leopold Bell: 1288
● Leonard Connor School: 815
● Simpson Bay Sports Community Center: 1117
● Belvedere Community Center: 1475
● Melford Hazel Sports & Recreational Center: 1438
● Methodist Agogic Center (MAC): 1248
● Dutch Quarter Community Helpdesk: 507
● Seventh Day Adventist School: 918
● Huis van Bewaring: 65
● Sint Maarten Home: 67
The closure of the voter's registry with 22,747 registered voters reflects an increase of 167 additional voters compared to the parliamentary election held earlier this year on January 11th.
We encourage all voters to stay informed about election developments as we continue preparations for Election Day. Further details regarding polling station locations, voting hours, and public order protocols will be communicated in subsequent releases.
The Ministry of General Affairs and the Central Voting Bureau appreciate the community’s involvement in exercising their democratic right to vote and look forward to a robust turnout on August 19th.

United People’s Party to offer ‘Profit Tax Incentives’ for Businesses Investing in St. Maarten’s Infrastructure and Community Development.

omarecottley28122023PHILIPSBURG:---  The United Peoples Party (UP Party), long known for its staunch support of business and investment in St. Maarten, has announced a groundbreaking initiative to accelerate the island's development and improve the destination's tourism product. The Honourable Omar E.C. Ottley, leader of the UP Party, announced the plan in a press release issued Tuesday. The plan promises significant tax write-offs for businesses that make substantial financial contributions towards developing St. Maarten's infrastructure, education, Tourism, and housing sectors.
Under this new plan, the United People's Party will reward businesses that invest in critical areas such as infrastructure and Community Development, Schools, Tourism, and Housing with substantial tax write-offs if given the Mandate. "This initiative aims to stimulate private sector involvement in public development projects, creating a symbiotic relationship where both businesses and the community benefit," said MP Ottley.
He explained that companies investing in constructing and maintaining roads, bridges, and public utilities will receive tax benefits. These development initiatives will enhance the island's infrastructure and create numerous job opportunities. Businesses funding the construction and renovation of schools and classrooms will be rewarded with tax deductions. This will help address the need for more educational facilities, providing better learning environments for students. Benefits will also go to businesses that invest in building affordable homes and improving tourism infrastructure products. They will also qualify for tax write-offs, helping to alleviate the housing shortage and improve living conditions for residents while making our tourism product once more the best in the Caribbean.
Jamaica, Singapore, and Puerto Rico have seen success with similar initiatives. The government of Jamaica introduced tax incentives for businesses investing in tourism infrastructure, which led to the development of new hotels and resorts, boosting tourism and creating thousands of jobs. The increased revenue from tourism has had a positive ripple effect throughout the Jamaican economy. Singapore's extensive use of tax incentives to attract multinational corporations has been a cornerstone of its economic strategy. Singapore has transformed itself into a global financial and technological hub by offering tax breaks to companies that invest in high-tech industries and infrastructure.
Puerto Rico has implemented tax incentive programs to attract businesses in various sectors, including manufacturing and services. By offering tax exemptions and reductions, Puerto Rico has drawn significant investments, which have helped modernize its infrastructure and create job opportunities for its residents. "This initiative is an example of 'we saving we' and moving towards greater independence," said MP Ottley. "By incentivizing businesses to invest in our community, we are fostering a sense of self-reliance and ensuring that all feel the benefits of development." The ultimate goal of this initiative is to boost the local economy by creating more jobs and increasing the spending power of the people of St. Maarten.
"This is not just a policy plan; it's a vision for a self-sustaining future," MP Ottley emphasized. "We are committed to creating an environment where businesses thrive and the community prospers. He said the UP Party would be a "game-changer" for the island, leveraging the power of private investment to achieve public good. With this initiative, St. Maarten stands on the brink of a new era of growth and prosperity, driven by a collaborative effort between the government and the business community.


Civil Registry Delivers Voting Cards to Post Office for Upcoming Election.

votingcards17072024PHILIPSBURG:---  The Civil Registry has successfully delivered a total of 20,629 voting cards to Postal Services Sint Maarten (PSS NV) today, in preparation for the upcoming election on August 19, 2024.

The Post Office will be responsible for distributing the voting cards to all eligible voters across the island. Voters are advised to regularly check their mailboxes for the arrival of their voting cards, especially considering the current weather conditions impacting Sint Maarten.

Any remaining undelivered voting cards will be returned to the Civil Registry by August 9, 2024. Voters who do not receive their voting cards by this date should not be concerned.

The Civil Registry will announce new dates for card pick-up to ensure that every eligible voter has the opportunity to participate in the election.

For more information, the Civil Registry Department can be contacted on +1 721 542-2400 EXT. 2010.

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