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1,012 Pounds of Garbage Collected at Flow Wellness Boutique Trash Run.

flowtrash25092023PHILIPSBURG:---  Five teams participated in the Flow Wellness Boutique Trash Run on the morning of Sunday, September 24th, and collectively, they hauled in 1,012 lbs of garbage.

The five teams, Sentinel Guardians of Sentinel Accountants & Consultants, the A-Team of U 2 Can Move, Caribbean International Academy (CIA), Ujima Foundation, and SXM FIT of Forge Fitness SXM took off from Mullet Bay and made their way to Kimsha Beach before heading into the districts of Cole Bay, Simpson Bay, and Cay Bay, collecting trash within their respective zones.

All team members - over 50 persons, had 120 minutes to complete the run. They raced to the finish line at the Boutique with trash in hand. Points were given for the most garbage collected, best time, and creativity.

The winning team, Ujima Foundation, received $700.00 towards its home. SXM FIT placed second with $500.00, which will go towards SJIS Youth Residential Home. A-Team placed third with $300.00, destined for the New Start Foundation for Children.

Captains recognized for excellent leadership and engagement of their teams were Mitchell Paterson of CIA, Sandy Offringa of SXM FIT, and Marlon G. Matser of Sentinel Guardians.

The Trash Run is the brainchild of the Engage Foundation, which held the first environmental charity event in 2018. Claudine Williams-Wescot, Co-founder of the Trash Run, had set out to clean St. Maarten one run at a time. “It remains a feelgood event. We continue to care for our environment, stay active, and serve our community. Due to various circumstances, we could not have the event between 2019-2021. I’m thrilled that Flow Wellness Boutique shared our vision and that others in the business community joined, keeping this mission alive for a great third run.” she stated.
“An initiative that collectively involves our residents and business community by merging environmental improvement with a physical challenge and an added benefit to local charities, it’s a brilliant fit for us, and we’re excited for its growth and the impact it will have for our island,” said Flow Wellness Boutique owner, Wallenda Matser-Wescot.
Its sponsors: Safe Cargo Services, Timepiece Trading, Reveil Matin, Sentinel Accountants & Consultants, Kansha Wellness Property, Arena Base Café, Heavenly Water, Ace Home Center, Alite B.V, Meadowlands BV, Easy St. Maarten, Domino's Pizza St. Maarten, R&R Tackling Sol Gas Station, Imagen Graphics, as well as all the volunteers made the event a huge success.
Trash Run 2024 is set for Sunday, September 29, and the organizers look forward to bringing everyone together to continue the mission to clean St. Maarten one run at a time.

Marines make Milton Peters College look sharp again.

marinespainting25092023PHILIPSBURG:--- SVOBE Schools want to thank the many Dutch marines who painted outside doors and walls of the Milton Peters College Campus during 3 days (September 16, 19, and 22) while balancing on dazzling heights. Driving up towards the school from Ebenezer now shows drivers a fresh and clean outlook!
Thanks as well to Stephan de Vries from the Marines and NPO Power for making this possible.

TelEm Group first to launch eSIMs on Sint Maarten.

PHILIPSBURG:---  TelEm Group, the leading local telecommunications provider, is set to revolutionize mobile connectivity on October 2nd, 2023, with the introduction of eSIM technology. This marks a significant step forward for mobile users in the region.
This product launch is a major technological achievement, following successful testing and the seamless integration of eSIMs into TelEm Group's mobile platform and devices. With eSIMs, customers can easily subscribe to multiple plans for work, travel, or leisure in a secure digital environment.

 One of the key advantages of eSIMs is the flexibility they offer. Subscribers can transfer their mobile numbers to other devices without the hassle of physically removing a traditional SIM card. TelEm Group will support both digital eSIMs and physical SIM cards in one phone (dual SIM configuration), giving subscribers even more flexibility.
Michiel Parent, TelEm Group's Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), expressed confidence in the product's readiness for the market, driven by customer demand. He highlighted that many customers were eager to use eSIMs, especially with the recent release of eSIM-exclusive devices like the iPhone 15.
Mr. Parent emphasized TelEm Group's commitment to customer feedback, stating, "The introduction of eSIMs is a direct response to their needs and expectations, and we are pleased to be able to offer this solution."
The upcoming launch will include educational materials about eSIMs, explaining how they work.
During the initial phase, customers with an eSIM-compatible phone can transition from physical SIM cards to eSIMs at TelEm Group locations with dedicated assistance. “The first thing a customer needs to do is check whether their phone is eSIM compatible. Simply go to settings-> mobile networks/cellular and check if there is an option to add eSIM.
In subsequent phases, customers will have the option to perform the migration themselves through a web portal or kiosks using QR codes or manual input.
TelEm Group is dedicated to enhancing its customers' digital experiences, and the eSIM launch represents just the beginning of their ongoing commitment to innovation and excellence.
For more information about purchasing eSIMs from TelEm Group, please contact 548-HELP (4357) or visit


St. Maarten Launches Financial Literacy Month.

~Activities in November are focused on empowering individuals & strengthening the economy.~

PHILIPSBURG:--- The Ministry of Finance, in collaboration with Islandpreneur, and in partnership with various local stakeholders, is thrilled to announce the celebration of the inaugural St. Maarten Financial Literacy Month this year. This initiative underscores the crucial importance of financial education for individual empowerment and the broader economic prosperity of the nation.

Financial literacy is not merely a personal advantage—it's a national asset. By empowering individuals with the knowledge and tools they need to make sound financial decisions, the groundwork for a more prosperous, stable, and resilient economy is laid. Understanding money—how to earn it, save it, manage it, and invest it—is integral to personal growth and robust economic development.
With this ethos, the program is meticulously curated to equip as many as citizens as possible with the essential knowledge and skills needed for sound financial decisions, thereby contributing to the overall economic prosperity of St. Maarten during the month of November.

During St. Maarten Financial Literacy Month (November 2023), the Tax Office will offer support and resources to ensure citizens have a fair opportunity to enhance their financial knowledge and better understand the tax system. Moreover, residents can look forward to a series of "Lunch & Learn" sessions with esteemed financial experts. These events promise to provide invaluable insights into money management, savings, investments, and real estate, over a casual meal.

It's also our pleasure to announce that during the Global Entrepreneurship Week, celebrated globally in November, St. Maarten will host a lineup of international experts. Their presence aims to fortify the bridge between financial literacy and entrepreneurship, showcasing the world of possibilities that financial knowledge can unlock.

One of the highlights of the Global Entrepreneurship Week will be the much-anticipated finals of the 2nd Annual National Youth Pitch Competition. This contest will spotlight the bright and innovative minds of our youth. Already 18 teams have applied to the competition.

Adding to the excitement are the speed mentoring sessions, designed to foster swift yet impactful exchanges of knowledge and guidance between mentors and entrepreneurs. These sessions offer an unmatched opportunity for budding entrepreneurs and financially curious minds to gain rapid insights from local and international insights.

In conclusion, the St. Maarten Financial Literacy Month is more than a celebration—it's a commitment. A commitment to empowering every citizen, from young minds to seasoned professionals, with the financial tools and knowledge they need to chart their own success stories.

Islandpreneur is a brand of events and programs that support innovation, financial, and entrepreneurship development. A detailed schedule of events and further information will be shared on in the upcoming weeks. The public is encouraged to stay connected for updates at or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any inquiries.

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