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Act. Minister of VROMI De Weever says dumping boat wrecks on the landfills not permitted.

boatwreck17062018POND ISLAND:--- Minister of Justice Cornelius de Weever, who also acts in the absence of the Minister of Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment and Infrastructure (Ministry VROMI), hereby informs all boatowners, marina operators, salvaging companies and any other entity or persons that are presently in the act of discarding old boat wrecks and/or parts thereof on both landfills, to cease from doing so as this is not allowed.

Reason for such lies in the fact that the fiberglass parts are extremely flammable and with the serious heat presently ongoing the change for sporadic combustion on the landfill is serious which can lead to an outbreak of fires.
The fumes of fiber are very dangerous, so the Government isn’t allowing any fiber products on any of the landfills.

The Government is busy in collaboration with the World Bank to have a total cleaning carried out of all the boat wrecks that litter the landscape, so they can be safely discarded within the next few months.

In the meantime, all wrecks should be left at their present locations for processing or moved to approved locations, Acting Minister of VROMI Cornelius de Weever said on Sunday.

Fire department issues fire warning due to dry spell.

PHILIPSBURG (DCOMM):--- The Fire Department which falls under the Ministry of General Affairs, is calling on the community to be very conscious by not throwing out lighted cigarettes or matches that could result in bush fires due to the dry spell that the island is currently experiencing.

Persons, who would like to burn bush or garbage in a built-up area, or on a hillside for agricultural activities, are requested to refrain from doing so, and contact the Fire Department for advice.

The inappropriate use of fire can endanger lives, property and the environment in these dry weather conditions that the country is currently experiencing. Fires can get out of control.

A person can help by reducing bush fire hazards by acting responsibly and following the aforementioned advice from the national Fire Department.

Those seeking information can contact the Fire Department at 542-1215, 542-1217, 542-6001 or in case of an emergency 919.

CPS Men’s Health 2018: Living a healthier and more active lives.

PHILIPSBURG(DCOMM):--- The lack of physical activity is seen as a health threat. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), around the world, not enough people are active; one in four adults and four out of five adolescents are not getting enough exercise.

Some of the consequences of inactivity are overweight or obesity. Physical activity is good for health and can prevent heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

Sint Maarten’s calendar of health observances is to promote in particular local or global health issues and encourage the male population – men’s health - to be proactive and consult their physicians before onset of disease.

The Collective Prevention Services (CPS), a department with the Ministry of Public Health, Social Development & Labour, would like to see all men and boy’s healthy and recommends that we collectively strive to have a health community with the aforementioned group practicing healthy lifestyles and take preventive actions to be and remain healthy. This message is part of the department’s annual calendar of observances.

CPS would like to see men and boys live healthier lives, and is calling on all fathers’ and boys to consult their physician to determine their risk factors.

Some risk factors are tobacco use: using tobacco is one of the most damaging lifestyle choices. WHO has estimated that tobacco use is currently responsible for 16% of all deaths in adults over 30 in the WHO European Region, with many of these deaths occurring prematurely.

Excessive salt consumption is another high risk: excessive salt consumption is strongly associated with the development of cardiovascular diseases. By eating less salt and staying within the limits of the recommended maximum – 5 grams a day – you can protect your health and significantly reduce the risk of developing noncommunicable diseases (NCDs).

Thirdly, physical inactivity: physical activity is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle, and the absence of it can lead to serious consequences.

By taking action and reaching the recommended minimum of physical activity per week – 150 minutes of moderate and/or 75 minutes of vigorous physical activity – you can protect your health, enhance your well-being and considerably reduce the risk of developing different associated conditions.

Get educated about your health and your risk of inherit health condition, and the diseases that can affect you; get screened and tested to be sure you are healthy; make annual visits to the doctor; eat healthier; and be more active and monitor your health.

CPS encourages Sint Maarten men and boys to make healthy choices, live a healthy lifestyle and be active.

Persons seeking additional information should contact their family physician or CPS at telephone numbers: 542-1570 or 542-1222.

Dept. of STAT happy with results of Economic Census Survey results so far.

PHILIPSBURG (DCOMM):--- The Department of Statistics (STAT) from the Ministry of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Traffic & Telecommunications, embarked upon an Economic Census Survey (ECS) approximately six weeks ago and has received information to date from over 1400 entities.

The Department of STAT is very pleased with the cooperation of the business community so far and looks forward to completing the full census in order to have a good baseline of statistics.

Of the aforementioned amount, over 390 were closed. There is a number of new businesses that have opened with the majority being in the food service sector.

The legal form of the new businesses is almost evenly matched between NV (28 per cent), BV (31 per cent) and Sole Proprietorship (24 per cent).

The new businesses are predominantly located in the Great Bay area with Simpson Bay being the second largest concentration.

The new businesses are employing 153 workers with 95 of them or 62 per cent being female.

So far 975 businesses have been interviewed that were already established before the September 2017 hurricanes and are still in business. The businesses are mostly NV with Sole Proprietorship being the second.

Wholesale and retail trade represents the biggest portion of these businesses with accommodation and food service being the second largest sector.

The majority of the businesses interviewed are in the Great Bay area followed by Cole Bay.

Currently employed in the existing businesses are 6,104 people, of which 3,267 are female. The 6,104 is down from 6,620 of the same businesses before the September 2017 hurricanes.

The ECS is an internationally used exercise to collect and report on the number of business establishments according to their size, economic activity/industry, and location.

STAT will also be able to identify and report on the number of micro, small, medium and large entities operating on St. Maarten.

Nine interviewers have been busy canvassing business operations in eight zones namely, Low Lands, Simpson Bay, Cole Bay, Little Bay, Cul de Sac, Philipsburg, Upper Princess Quarter and Lower Princess Quarter.

The ECS is being carried out over a 10-week period and started in May 2018. This survey is a main data source for: 1) Creating a comprehensive Statistical Business Register system; 2) Calculating more accurately the Gross Domestic Product (GDP); 3) Obtaining data on the number and distribution of economic establishments by industrial category, region and number of employees.

Koop Avond’ kicks off on June 21.

koopavend17062018Xtratight Entertainment brings a new shopping experience to Philipsburg

PHILIPSBURG:---  ‘Koop Avond’ kicks off in Philipsburg on June 21. This initiative started by Xtratight Entertainment will last for six weeks until July 26. Common in different parts of the Netherlands “Koop Avond” translated as Shopping Night, promises to be a night of food, live entertainment, shopping, and local crafts on Thursdays from 5 – 10 pm.
Koop Avond was designed to help boost St. Maarten’s economy by creating a unique all-encompassing experience that encourages merchants and restaurants to extend their opening hours, stimulates entrepreneurship by proving an affordable platform for local vendors and small businesses to showcase their products or services, promotes volunteering and community service through school programs and social organizations, and enhances St. Maarten tourism product by offering an experience that engages the hotels, tour operators, and taxi’s in more cohesive way. This while safe guarding St. Maarten’s cultural value by promoting our local ambassadors and icons and giving exposure to local talents.
More than 15 vendors have signed up to be a part of kick-off of Koop Avond on June 21. The variety adds to the uniqueness of the Koop Avond experience. For example, there will be a variety of johnny cakes, fashion, hand made crafts, natural juices, a photobooth and even bouncies to ensure a total family outing. In addition, entertainment includes CD Rankin, New Generation Status Brass Band, Nacio Sutton on the steel pan and Control Band will be ending the evening. Most of the entertainment will take place directly in from of the Court House. Hosting Koop Avond is none other than Shadow Man.
Koop Avond can be found on Front Street from Rouge et Noir Casino to St. Rose Arcade. Shuttles have been arranged to and from various hotels around the island. This them to provide the tourists with an affordable way to experience St. Maarten. Also during the upcoming weeks, stores and restaurants will be providing specials during Koop Avond.
As safety has been an issue that has impeded the launching of activities in Philipsburg over the years, Xtratight Entertainment is working closely with the police and the Ministry of VROMI to ensure that this a safe and wholesome experience for both locals and tourists.

Other key partners include the Department of Culture, St. Maarten Tourist Bureau, Chamber of Commerce, Philipsburg Promotional Board, Downstreet Community Council, Specs Kiddies Corner, Funtopia, and Carib Beer. Management of Xtratight Entertainment are open to building relationships with others in the community to build lasting create socio-econominc impact. Among others, the management is looking forward to having the port entities, such as Port of St. Maarten and Princess Juliana International Airport, to do so.
Xtratight Entertainment understands the power of creative industries to stimulate the economy, provide opportunities, and create a positive morale. Under the leadership of serial entrepreneur, Bertaux “Mr. Rude” Fleming, Xtratight hosts some of the biggest entertainment events such as Night of The Hitmakers, Fyah Under Yuh Foot and TelCell Breakthrough.
Mr. Roland Bryson aka “Paben” has been a key part of the success of Xtratight Entertainment and would have been for Koop Avond. He was a part of the planning stages before his untimely death. The Koop Avond is also done in remembrance of him and to honor his undeniable legacy of promoting St. Maarten’s culture.
For more information on becoming a vendor for Koop Avond, call +1-721-526-9643 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. To join this movement and get regular updates, connect with Xtratight Entertainment at

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