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3x3 Basketball Weekend - St. Eustatius.

sxmbasketball0602023St. Eustatius:---The St. Maarten National Basketball Association (SXMNBA) would like to express its heartfelt gratitude to the St. Eustatius Basketball Committee for inviting us to participate in the 3x3 Basketball Weekend. The opportunity to come together and exchange ideas, as well as collaborate on ways to advance our sport, was invaluable.

The weekend consisted of a Coaching & Referee workshop on Friday February 3rd, U10, U14, and

U18 Clinics on Saturday, and finished Sunday with a U10, U14, and U18 3x3 Tournament The insights and perspectives shared by all attendees will help inform our decisions and drive our efforts to improve the sport for all players, coaches, referees, fans, and community. We are grateful for the opportunity to contribute to these important conversations and discuss the current challenges and opportunities facing the basketball community.

We would also like to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of the St. Eustatius Basketball Committee team and the Nederlandse Basketball Bond (NBB) in organizing the weekend event. Their attention to detail, commitment to excellence, and hospitality made the event a truly memorable experience.

Well, there Mr. Alex Ferdinand the president of the SXMNBA, and Ernan Tatem the treasurer of the St. Eustatius Basketball Committee received their Spelregelbewijs (Game rule certificate).

Once again, we thank the St. Eustatius Basketball Committee for the invitation and look forward to continued collaboration in the future.

You can contact the St. Maarten National Basketball Association (SXMNBA) via +1(721)520-2151 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and follower us on and

The next upcoming event is the 2nd District Business Basketball Tournament kicks off Sunday, May 7th, 2023 5 pm at the L.B. Scott Sports Auditorium.

Army exercises' with drones in Aruba.

drones06022023WILLEMSTAD:--- As of February 7, 60 soldiers from the Royal Netherlands Army will have exercises in Aruba. The soldiers are working at the 107 Aerial Systems Battery in ’t Harde, in the Netherlands. They are specialized in the deployment of different types of drones. To make the exercise possible, the military also has its own vehicles and other military equipment.
The climate in Aruba offers the military good opportunities to make a lot of flight hours with the drones, and therewith get maximum efficiency out of the exercise. In the Netherlands, the possibilities during winter time are more limited. In addition, this exercise offers the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues from the Marine Squadron Carib and the Coastguard Dutch Caribbean Region, which are both also active in Aruba.
The soldiers stay at the Marine barracks at Savaneta and are active on several locations all around the island. From February 15 the first flights will take place and the exercise will last till March 24.
107 Aerial Systems Battery (107 ASBt)
107 ASBt is an operational intelligence unit and is specialized in the deployment of unmanned aerial systems (UAS), better known as drones. With this UAS the unit collects intelligence that other units can use in their operational deployment. This UAS detachment can also be deployed for civilian tasks. During the exercise in Aruba the drones will only be deployed for exercise purposes. The images made by the drones during the exercise are not saved.
Collaboration with Luxemburg and Belgium
107 ASBt collaborates with the Luxembourg and Belgian armed forces. Also during this exercise, a number of colleagues from Luxembourg and Belgium will be going under guidance from 107 ASBt instructors, to gain experience flying Dutch drones. The exercise is separate from the deployment of the MQ-9 Reaper.
For further questions:
Communication mediums can contact First Lieutenant Dion Bremmer with questions (+5999 690 4413 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

“The Kingdom must unite us, not divide us”

dncaroyals06032023ORANJESTAD:--- Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance chairman, Hellen van der Wal, has expressed her concerns about cooperation in the field of nature management and climate change within the Kingdom. In her view, inequality, such as the recent approach toward the effects of climate change, jeopardizes this cooperation. “By designating Bonaire as a showcase for 'island states', the other Dutch Caribbean islands are disadvantaged, since all islands have to deal with the same problems. Such preferential treatment is remarkable given that climate change affects the entire region. Collaboration is crucial, especially in the field of nature and nature management.” On 31 January last month – on the birthday of DCNA patroness HRH Princess Beatrix – Dr. van der Wal asked the Royal Family and State Secretary Van Huffelen to promote the message that the Kingdom does not divide us but connects us.
On January 31st, after an intensive hike, the Royal Family visited Hofi Shoco in the Aruban Arikok National Park, where, among other things, a meeting took place with the chairman of the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance (DCNA). During this meeting, DCNA requested extra attention and collaborative efforts between the islands and the Netherlands when it comes to nature management and dealing with the consequences of climate change.
“We have similar challenges on the islands: not only the effects of climate change but also, for example, the decrease in biodiversity, waste processing and sewage treatment, and our overdependence on tourism. All threaten the well-being of the inhabitants of these beautiful islands and the state of nature. They all require a joint approach and nature-based solutions.”
The alliance, a network of nature organizations, has been demonstrating for many years that cooperation is possible. Passion for nature, and above all, common interests and goals are at the heart of this. That is why the DCNA already offered a Climate Change Action Plan in the Netherlands at the beginning of last year. “In this plan, we state that climate adaptation is the main priority and then we quickly talk about nature management. In addition to the call to action, we strongly insist on the need for a joint approach. This will not only benefit the involvement on the islands, but it will also give better results and ensure that knowledge and experience are better shared. Undoubtedly due to the fanfare of an international NGO, the Dutch cabinet has chosen to turn Bonaire into a 'showcase'. At the request of this island, a climate table will now be set up there. The Netherlands should ensure that the other (island) countries are also involved. In March of this year, a large Caribbean climate conference will take place in Aruba. We applaud this, but why shouldn't a joint climate table still be on the agenda?” says Van der Wal.
“Nature knows no boundaries nor are the consequences and effects of climate change. However, the Kingdom sometimes imposes limits due to the constitutional structure and certain policy choices. The distinction between CAS countries and BES islands is disastrous for a joint approach of shared interests. If only some of the six islands get the majority of the resources and opportunities, working with all six becomes difficult. After all, why would an island cooperate with others if you can arrange everything themselves? It is ironic that the Kingdom, which is supposed to connect, divides in this way. Showcasing one or a few islands sends the wrong message. That also affects the sense of community and undermines the interests of the other (island) countries.”
HRH Princess Amalia was presented with a copy of the DCNA Climate Change Action Plan upon departure: “This is about our future, and you are part of our future,” said the DCNA President, who invited the Royal Family to support the efforts of the DCNA for a joint approach and for cooperation and solidarity between all six Dutch Caribbean islands and the European Netherlands.


Male and female Suspects apprehended after cross-border car chase.

kpsm06020223PHILIPSBURG:--- For the second time in the past weeks 'personnel of KPSM were necessary to assist the French police with a pursuit that started from Marigot to the Dutch side.

On the early morning of Saturday, February 04, 2023, around 4:30 a.m., Central Dispatch
received a report from the French police that they were engaged in a pursuit that went
across Causeway towards Maho.

Several police patrols were sent to Maho to assist the French police. Upon arrival in Mullet-
Bay they encountered the French Police with a Blue Grand I-10.
It appeared that the French were trying to stop a blue Hyundai Grand I-10 as it was
entering Marigot.

Upon seeing the police, the driver of the blue I-10 decided to change direction and hereafter
drove back towards the Bellveau border.
French police initiated a pursuit that ended in the Mullet Bay area as the driver of the Grand
I-10 struck a large stone along the side of the road. Both the male driver and the female
the passenger was arrested and during the control of the car two firearms were recovered

Suspects should take note that the working relationship between the French Side Police and
Sint Maarten police forces are very strong and they are working together to protect the
the overall safety of Sint Maarten/Saint Martin.


KPSM Press Release.

Reliving the natural habitat.

bookpresentation06022023PHILIPSBURG:--- Pollution is a serious and the largest environmental topic worldwide. Kim saves the Ocean written by Sara Bharawani, a young entrepreneur, was published to combat the effects of what pollution is doing to Sint Maarten’s ecosystem. The most household waste ends up in the waterways of Sint Maarten, causing various types of pollution and eyesores.
The goal of environmental protection is to accomplish zero waste and we should gauge the youth in educating themselves toward a future society where products are used and reused from production to consumption.
On Friday, February 3, 2023, the Sint Maarten Library was invited to the soft launching of the book Kim Saves The Ocean. Ms. Bharwani's introduction speech was impactful, explaining Sara’s journey from start to finish. She left us with a quote that is believed to motivate others “It was a long process that required patience”. Shortly thereafter, various youngsters ages 4 to 8 sat intently listening to Clara Reyes's narration of Sara Bharwani’s first published book.
Ms. Bharwani later presented an author’s signed copy to interim manager Pieter Lucas for the community of Sint Maarten. There will be an official launching at the Sint Maarten Library in March 2023.
Essentially everything can be put to good use in different ways. Let us Join Sara Bharani’s vision, which encourages us to become like Kim, age 7, in cleaning our waterways and doing away with air pollution so that we can have a breath of fresh air.

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