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It is a jewel” – Schoolboy in Wartime reviewed in Netherlands newspaper.

wartime17072018GREAT BAY:---With the music of Betty V’s Hold on and Neville York’s Sweet Salt playing in the background, about 75 book party guests were treated here at the Parish Hall to an evening (7.7.18) of lively conversation, refreshments, autographs for their books, and Gerard van Veen reading passages from his World War II title Schoolboy in Wartime – Memories of My Early Years. The weekend affair was followed on Monday (7.9.18) by a book review from Gerard van Engelen in an Alkmaar newspaper calling Schoolboy in Wartime “a jewel.” Published in St. Martin by HNP, the new book recounts dramatic and dangerous experiences of the writer’s family and of his own childhood in Alkmaar during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands. Schoolboy in Wartime is available at Van Dorp, Arnia’s, and internationally at



CIBC FirstCaribbean Remains Dedicated to Community. Supports Arts Saves Lives, Now You Know and MPC.

cibcmpc17072018PHILIPSBURG:---  Six community initiatives received financial support from CIBC FirstCaribbean recently.
Arts Saves Lives, Now You Know, Milton Peters College (MPC), Sint. Maarten Lions Club, Ruby Labega School, and Alexander's Early Stimulation were among those sponsored by the bank.
The Art Saves Lives 6th Annual Summer Intensive which concluded last weekend, July 14th, was offered free of charge to seventy-four (74) students. The program is known for promoting cross-cultural exchange between youths and professional artists who use the arts to empower and introduce participates to global and local traditions. They also provide young aspiring artists with guidance in pursuing careers within the arts.

The bank was also pleased to sponsor "Now You Know" and "What Will I Be" with Valerie van Putten. "What Will I Be" celebrates twenty-two (22) years of radio programming on education, history and entertainment. The host has gone beyond the airwaves to reach the community through meal voucher programs for seniors and a breakfast program at Prins Willem Alexander School.

Support also went to MPC for the second consecutive year, allowing students to represent the island in the Olympic Moves Competition, one of the largest high school sports competitions in the Netherlands.
CIBC FirstCaribbean, Country Manger Garth Sherwood, was pleased to make the presentations to the programs’ representatives. "We are part of this community and dedicated to aiding in its development through initiatives such as these", he stated.

The Lions Club received sponsorship for their annual bingo, Ruby Labega Primary School in support of their graduation ceremony and Alexander’s Early Stimulation for their Summer Program.
Photo: Garth Sherwood, Country Manager, CIBC FirstCaribbean with Tyreke Arrindell of Art Saves Lives.

Navy personnel finds suspected contrabands in materials container.

PHILIPSBURG/THE HAGUE:--- Navy personnel finds suspected contraband in materials container, Yesterday Navy personnel discovered probable narcotics in a materials container at the Van Braam Houckgeestkazerne in Doorn, the Netherlands.

The Military Police (Koninklijke Marechaussee) was called in immediately. They have secured the suspected contrabands and an investigation has been started into the origin of the contrabands. Throughout the investigation the Dutch Forces in the Caribbean will not give any comments. For comments you are referred to the Military Police.

Nature Foundation Reiterates its Call on Parliament to Ban Single-Use Plastics.

plasticbags17072018PHILIPSBURG:---The Sint Maarten Nature Foundation is again calling on Parliament to ban single-use plastic products such as plastic bags, straws and cutlery and styrofoam food containers in an effort to reduce marine litter and pollution on St Maarten. Single use plastic pollution is one of the big-gest environmental catastrophes of this generation. These types of plastics are also a major contributor to the current situation at the Philipsburg landfill.
At least 9 million tons of plastic enters the world’s oceans each year, a rate that has increased 100 times in the past 40 years. If current trends continue there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050. Single use plastic bags, straws, cutlery and Styrofoam food containers are some of the most environmentally damaging products on the island. These items do not biode-grade and stay in the ecosystem and oceans for ever, causing impacts to the environment, an-imals and humans. Plastic releases harmful chemicals when it breaks down into smaller pieces that are ingested by marine life and eventually humans. Single use plastics are especially harm-ful to sea turtles, sea birds, marine mammals, coral reefs and fish that are smothered, chocked and otherwise harmed or killed by the plastic products.
“St Maarten uses a remarkable amount of single-use plastics every day, as plastic bags are given for free for every purchased item and plastic straws with any drink. Also takeout food in Styrofoam is normal and very popular, this also includes plastic cutlery. We calculated that Dutch St Maarten alone uses more than 1.4 billion plastic straws a year; straws are used for a few minutes and last forever in the environment. A lot of our single-use plastics end up in our environment and ocean due to littering and poor garbage disposal. Besides, St Maarten just cannot handle this much single-use plastic waste, our dump is already overfull” stated Nature Foundation’s Project Officer Melanie Meijer zu Schlochtern.
Worldwide, there is growing interest in protecting the environment and moving away from sin-gle-use plastics. Over 200 nations have already either banned items like plastic bags and straws or require consumers to pay a fee per use. Recently even the EU proposed to ban sin-gle-use plastic products in order to reduce the massive amount of ocean pollution. The Sint Maarten landfill reached its maximum capacity already in 2008 and garbage bins along beaches are overflowing daily, there is simply no more room for unnecessary waste.
“Single-use plastic products are easy to be replaced with more environmentally sustainable ma-terials; reusable products are highly recommended, such as reusable shopping bags, these bags are much more durable and stronger, the less waste we create the better for our waste problems. Single-use products can easily be substituted by biodegradable products such as paper straws or biodegradable cups and food containers, which are all already available on the island.”
Through the Reduce & Reuse St Maarten’ project, the Nature Foundation is fighting plastic pol-lution and is teaching and encouraging residents, children and businesses to reduce their plastic waste output and clean-up the environment. Part of the project is to lobby for a Single-use plas-tic ban, as awareness on its own will not reduce the massive amounts of waste created and left behind on beaches and in the environment. In order to protect our environment for the genera-tions to come, to reduce our landfill and to changes St Maarten’s image of a garbage island into an eco-friendly destination, a ban on single-use plastics is needed. Thanks to the American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine and the Heineken Regatta for their generous donations towards the Reduce and Reuse project.

Gasolene Prices increase as of Thursday.

PHILIPSBURG:--- The Government of St. Maarten regulates the prices of petroleum products by imposing a maximum price at which wholesalers and retailers can sell these products on St. Maarten. Due to the ongoing developments on the international level, the prices of crude oil have experienced adjustments upward for ULG & Gasoil (diesel). Given the aforementioned, The  general publ ic is hereby informed that as of Thursday 19th July 2018 at 6:00am the maximum consumer price of

ULG and Gasoil (diesel) has increased as follows:


Below is the complete price buildup showing all componen ts that result in the new ULG & Gasoil (diesel) price. All numbers are rounded to three decimal places.




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