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Who is Suicidal? - Warning Signs.

~Suicide is a desperate attempt to escape suffering that has become unbearable.~

PHILIPSBURG:--- Amari is a teenager with social anxiety who has always felt a little different. In high school, life became really challenging for him. He had a hard time living up to his parent's standards for him and the social rules that dominated the school. Sometimes he thinks it would be easier if he would just cease to exist, not be here anymore. At first, the thought would just flash through his mind, but quickly the thought began to grow and his mind started to tell him that he might be right. It might be better if he just wasn’t here anymore. He wouldn’t have to deal with the pressure of his parents wanting him to do good or the pressure of his peers needing him to fit in.
John is a male in his forties struggling with chronic pain after an accident at work. Since then John hasn’t been able to work and his family has been struggling to make ends meet. John often thinks that he is a burden to his wife. She has to work 2 jobs to provide for him and the family. As a result of feeling guilty, he often withdraws and isolates himself. John has a strong belief that he should relieve his family; he thinks that it would be much easier for them if he was no longer here.
Catherine is a female in her mid-twenties. Throughout her life, she has been struggling with the remnants of the abuse she endured in her childhood. She feels that no one really understands what she is going through. She tries to be successful in life but somehow things tend to not go the way she would have hoped for. Catherine feels that no one would even notice if she would not be here anymore. Nobody cares about her, so what does it matter if she is dead or alive.
Amari, John, and Catherine are fictitious characters. While their stories might not be real, the thoughts and situations described can be very real and they might even be relatable. Perhaps you know someone in a similar situation or you have felt like this before. Recently the community on St. Maarten has been shaken by a few suicide incidents in a short period of time. Unfortunately, suicide is not uncommon. Worldwide 800.000 people commit suicide every year. This is 1 person every 40 seconds¹. Often people who commit suicide have been feeling lonely, depressed, or unhappy for a long time. It could be that they feel that nobody understands them and that it does not make any sense for them to be here on earth any longer. People who commit suicide often do not necessarily want to die, but they do want to get out of what seems to them like an endless situation.
Do you feel like committing suicide or do you know anyone who is feeling suicidal, ask for help! Your general practitioner can refer you to a mental health provider who can help you get grips with your suicidal thoughts and can help you give your life perspective again.
In need of urgent assistance? Call the Mental Health Foundation Crisis number: +1721-520-5556. All calls are CONFIDENTIAL.


Hiking on St. Eustatius.

Sint Eustatius is a Dutch island in the Caribbean. This special municipality has an enormous variation in nature and is worth putting on your bucket list. Marion Schroen has explored the island extensively and shares her passion in the newly published book Hiking on St. Eustatius.
The book is for anyone who wants to walk or run on this small island and delve into the broader context of this tropical open-air museum, where the past reveals itself with every step. Whether you are a hiker or an armchair adventurer, a lover of fortresses or nature, come for work or vacation, have an hour or a whole day, are a beginner or advanced; don't pass up the opportunity to experience this impressive beauty and diversity. Marion Schroen is a lover of hiking and running. She knows all the nooks and crannies of the island and makes you a personal participant in the hike-lights of Statia as the island is also called.
The book Walking on St. Eustatius contains background information about St. Eustatius, describes 22 walks and gives tips about hiking and trail running in the tropical climate. Free GPS tracks of the routes are also available.
The edition Walking on St. Eustatius can be ordered via The price is € 14.95.
The book will also be published in English in early March 2021.

Government of Sint Maarten express condolences on passing of Gordon “Butch” Stewart.

PHILIPSBURG:--- The Ministry of TEATT wishes to express its heartfelt condolences to the Stewart family and the wider Sandals Resorts and Beaches Resorts family on the passing of Gordon “Butch” Stewart OJ CD, founder of Sandals Resorts International.

“Butch Stewart was a pioneer and true innovator in the hotel industry and his passion for the Caribbean inspired many. When I lived in London it made me so proud each time I saw London black cabs draped in the Sandals logo,” stated Minister of TEATT Ludmila de Weever.

Minister de Weever has been in contact with Adam Stewart, the son of Gordon "Butch" Stewart to relay condolences on behalf of the Government of Sint Maarten.

ST. EUSTATIUS Identification obligation.

On Sunday, December 3rd, various tickets were issued on St. Eustatius for, among other things, driving without a driver's license and for refusing to show a valid driver's license, valid insurance papers, tax papers, and a valid identity document.
The identification obligation means that everyone from the age of 14 must be able to show a valid proof of identity if the police ask for it. Other officials supervising legal compliance may also ask you for valid proof of identity. If you are unable or unwilling to show an original and valid ID, you are punishable by law. You run the risk of a fine. The identification obligation does not give the police or supervisors the authority to check your identity without reason. You have no obligation to have it on you, only an obligation to show. Because you are obliged to be able to show the proof of identity, it means in practice that you must always carry a proof of identity with you.
Do you temporarily have no ID? For example, because you have lost this? Then you run the risk that you do not meet the identification obligation. Someone who has temporarily lost his identity document must be able to identify himself with another valid proof of identity.
Several fires on Statia
In recent days, the police on St. Eustatius have received reports of several small fires. These were respectively on Knippenga Avenue, Fort Oranjestraat and Zeelandia near Bengal Road. The fires were quickly put out by the fire brigade. There was no major damage and no one was injured.


Man arrested for assault
In the early afternoon hours of Friday, January 1st , a 24-year-old man with initials J.C.J.C. , was arrested on Peak Street, Saba, for assault. The suspect had hit a man with a bottle of whiskey in the mouth, injuring the victim.


All New 2021 Volkswagen Nivus Introduced to the St. Maarten/St. Martin Market and the Region for the First Time Ever – Beautiful. Modern. Versatile.

nivus06012021With striking lines and a strong personality, the newly developed 2021 Volkswagen Nivus bears in its design one of the characteristics that make it unique in the market. The Nivus' design is innovative, attractive, and, at the same time, functional.

“We are proud to be among the leading markets to introduce the Volkswagen Nivus for the first time ever. With the unique fusion of innovative style, luxurious comfort, and affordable quality, this innovative, attractive, and functional design of the Nivus is truly ideal for the local community and the surrounding region,” shares Tariq Amjad, Managing Director, Motorworld Group of Companies. “The new Volkswagen Nivus represents much more than a new model. It is a brand attitude, with new colors, new features, and new technologies that resonate more with people.”

One of the design highlights is the 'C' pillar's fast and fluid slope. From the side, the Nivus has a strong coupé profile. Its proportions and volumes define an athletic and modern character. The exclusive design, 17-inch light alloy wheels, and the pronounced fender protectors also contribute to create a harmonious unity, with a sporty and vibrant attitude.

Built with premium German engineering, Nivus' front end carries the typical Volkswagen's design DNA. The headlights are connected to a very dominant grille and the striking hood lines, defining the car's robust character. The LED headlights, the LED DRL (daytime running lights), and the fog lights, also in LED, give the Nivus a unique visual identity, with a precise and efficient lighting performance for all usage conditions. On the grille, the new Volkswagen's logo is simpler and bi-dimensional. It is debuting in the Nivus, the first model to show it in this region.

The Nivus' rear end is a show by itself: a horizontal element unites an extremely elegant piece, worthy of premium-segment models. The stretch into part of the side is a unique junction of esthetics and functionality. In the upper side, a spoiler integrated into the rear lid generates a stretching effect in the roof, an essential detail to define the Nivus' sporty coupé style. 

Modern and Connected

The Nivus has really arrived to inaugurate a new digital age for Volkswagen, with lots of technology.  With new reference in connectivity, the VW Play is a technological mark in the industry and brings a series of benefits for the customers. The VW Play is one of the main Nivus' innovations. The multimedia central provides an intuitive usability experience unprecedented in the market. With an extremely high resolution 10-inch screen, touch-sensitive, anti-scratch and 'virtual buttons', this platform is not only one of the most modern connectivity resources, but also grants a series of services and streaming. It’s the only compact SUV in it’s class with a 10” Large Touchscreen Display as standard.

Associated with the digital panel (Active Info Display), it creates two large digital islands in the Nivus' dashboard. There are two interconnected 10-inch screens (the size of a tablet), providing unprecedented connectivity and entertainment for a vehicle in this segment. This digital cockpit counts with an intuitive, logical, intelligent and modern interface, which can be operated through the new steering wheel, the same used in the New Golf. Simultaneously with the Nivus debuts also the VW Play APPs, a virtual store created exclusively for the Volkswagen customer, to download applications directly through the VW Play as easy as downloading an application in a memory to deliver more convenience to the Nivus' customers.

The VW Play also offers the Cognitive Manual integrated to the vehicle (the Nivus is the first car to provide this resource), capability to read virtually all media formats, excellent audio quality and an incredible connectivity capacity with smartphones Android and Apple.

Safety First

Thanks to the MQB Modular Strategy, also used in the models Polo, Virtus and T-Cross, it is possible to adopt equipment so far available only in upper segment vehicles.

Fatigue Detector, ISOFIX and top-tether to fix child seats in the rear seat, Kessy (keyless doors opening and engine start), ESC (Electronic Stability Control), HHA (Hill Hold Assist), and rearview camera are other safety and comfort items present in the Nivus. Headlights and rear lights use LED, as well as the DRL (Daytime Running Light).

The ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) is one of the Nivus' most advanced features. It allows the driver to adjust the speed and the distance he wants to keep from the vehicle ahead. The system can automatically accelerate and brake. The Nivus is also equipped with the Emergency Brake, a system that when it identifies the imminent risk of a frontal collision, brakes the car autonomously, completely avoiding a collision, in some situations. 

Consecrated structure, spacious interior and high performance. 

Assembled on the versatile MQB Modular Strategy - which allows high construction flexibility thanks to its variable parameters (among them, the wheelbase) - the Nivus offers internal space ideal to carry up to five occupants with comfort. It is 4,266 mm long, 1,757 mm wide, 1,493 mm high and has a 2,566 mm wheelbase. The luggage compartment is a reference among compact hatches and even market compact sport-utes (SUVs), with a 415-liter capacity. This benefit is due to an extremely functional design, with a coupé-style body and benefitted by a longer overhang. The trunk lid can be opened through one of VW Play's 'virtual buttons'.

High performance, low fuel consumption, and driving pleasure are the main characteristics of the Nivus' powertrain. The engine is the celebrated 1.0 Turbo Charged 3 cylinder 200 TSI with Direct Fuel Injection. The transmission is a six-speed automatic. The 200 TSI engine has been met with excellent customer satisfaction.

Incredible Standard Features On all Nivus Models include:

  • 10” VW PLAY Infotainment Touchscreen with Apple Car Play / Android Auto
  • LED Headlights & Taillights
  • 6 Airbags and Other World-Class Safety Technologies
  • Rear View Camera


In summary:

  • The Nivus opens a new market segment, with an innovative design combining SUV elements and sporty coupé lines.
  • Featuring two (2) 10-inch screens: with the Active Info Display and the new VW Play infotainment, the Nivus is a technologically advanced "smart car" with a comprehensive digital cockpit.
  • The Nivus offers advanced new model innovations with premium segment features, at an affordable price.

Make the Nivus yours today! It’s now available exclusively at Motorworld, located in Cole Bay on Welfare Road #20. For further information, please contact (721) 544-5294.

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