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C&W Communications Appoints Tony Matthews Vice President, Dutch Caribbean.

tonymathews05052021PHILIPSBURG:--- C&W Communications (C&W) today announced the appointment of Tony Matthews to the position of Vice President, Dutch Caribbean. In his new role, Matthews will have overall responsibility for Flow/UTS operations in Bonaire, Curacao, St. Maarten/St. Martin, Saba and St. Eustatius. He will also join C&W’s Executive Leadership Team.
The appointment is part of an organizational shift that also includes new roles for C&W in the North Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago, and the South Caribbean which previously included the Dutch Caribbean. Of the four new positions, two will now be held by women.
Nicolas Collette who served as VP for the South region for the last two years will transition to lead the company’s B2B Centre of Excellence. Danny Macaya who held Country Manager responsibilities for the Dutch Caribbean will now focus solely on Curacao. Charlesworth Sydney will continue to lead the St. Maarten business and both he and Macaya will report to Matthews.
Matthews joined C&W two years ago to lead commercial initiatives for the company, such as network investment and expansion in Jamaica, along with a harmonization program that provides customers with greater choice and flexibility. Matthews brings to the role more than 30 years of telecom operations experience with major companies such as Comcast, Cox Communications, and Cisco.
Inge Smidts, CEO of C&W, said, “Tony brings a wealth of experience to this role having worked in key positions at major operators in North America. I am confident that he will work closely with our local leaders in the Dutch Caribbean to improve our services and solutions as we work to provide memorable experiences and win the trust of our customers.”
Expressing his sentiments about the appointment, Matthews said, “I’m excited about this new opportunity, as there’s a great deal of work to be done across our markets in the Dutch Caribbean. Still, our commitment to provide the most reliable connections and the best overall experience for our customers has never been stronger and we look forward to delivering on this promise now and in the future.”
Collette, who a little more than a year ago managed the integration of eleven business units, including the Dutch Caribbean, which became the company’s South Caribbean cluster, is transitioning to oversee C&W Communications’ Business to Business (B2B) Centre of Excellence.
Smidts also added, “Nicolas has been a pillar of support to me and plays a key role on my leadership team. He has done an outstanding job leading our team in the Dutch Caribbean over the last two years. Given his background in the B2B space, this transition is a natural fit for him. It is an area of business with which he is very familiar, as before joining C&W, he led the B2B division for Telenet in Europe. In his new role, he will be responsible for customer value propositions, go-to-market strategies, sales excellence, digital transformation, business development, strategic marketing, and B2B customer service across all of C&W.”
Adding his thoughts on Matthews’ appointment, Collette said, “Over the last two years Tony has done an excellent job leading key commercial initiatives across our C&W markets. He is passionate about delivering exceptional value and I am confident he will work closely with our local teams and stakeholders in the Dutch Caribbean to ensure that we have a high-performing and resilient network that delivers the products and solutions to enable our customers to have an unparalleled experience.”

Former Ministers should be held personally responsible for decisions they took --- Minister IRION.

ardwellirion15032020~ Government yet to deliberate the Henderson International verdict. ~

PHILIPSBURG: --- The Council of Ministers is yet to deliberate the verdict delivered on Tuesday against the local and Kingdom Government with the contract that was taken away from Henderson International in late 2017 and granted to Smith & Orloff Associates by former Prime Minister Leona Romeo Marlin cabinet.
Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs said that while the Council of Ministers was notified of the verdict the COM did not get a chance to deliberate and make a decision on its way forward.
SMN News asked the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance if the Jacobs 2 cabinet will consider holding the Ministers personally liable for the decisions they took that have since impacted government coffers. Jacobs said that her government does not have to establish any new policy but in fact, each Minister can be held personally liable the moment they are sworn in.
However, Minister of Finance Ardwell Irion made clear that while he is not referring to the Henderson verdict is of the firm option that government will have to take the bull by its horns and hold former Ministers personally liable. “ I personally believe that former Ministers must be held accountable by making an example out of them, if not this trend will continue.”
Minister Irion said over the years he has seen several cases where the government is held responsible for the decisions by former Ministers.
The Minister of Finance further explained that the Government of St. Maarten made a down payment to Henderson Internationally while they also made it to Smith Orloff.

Undocumented urged to get vaccinated, no one will be targeted due to status on island.

driveto85052021~ CPS and VMT gearing up towards 85% to achieve herd immunity. ~

PHILIPSBURG: --- The Collective Preventative Services (CPS) and the Vaccination Management Team (VMT) have launched their vaccination campaign where they are targeting 85% of the population vaccinated by end of July.
Minister of VSA Omar Ottley called especially on the undocumented immigrations that are residing on St. Maarten for four months and more to get vaccinated.

Ottley assured that the undocumented persons on St. Maarten will not be targeted by immigration. He said undocumented persons on the island can show up at any of the vaccination centers with their passports and proof of residencies such as a utility bill or housing contract.
Asked by SMN News if the Ministries of Health and Justice have reached a consensus on not targeting the undocumented. Ottley said the two Ministers have reached an agreement since both parties understand the urgency in getting everyone on the island vaccinated.

Ottley said St. Maarten is working hard at getting 85% of its population vaccinated in order to reach herd immunity so that the island can return to normal. He said several businesses and persons have been asking when they would be allowed to open their doors until 4 am, while some are asking that carnival activities resume. Ottley said the fasted the people get vaccinated the gates to the Festival Village could reopen while businesses will return to normal opening hours.

The Minister warned that the RVM has confirmed that St. Maarten has several variants of the COVID-19 virus. He said there are Indian variant, the UK variant, and the New York variant on the Dutch side of the island while the French side also confirmed that the African variant was detected, therefore everyone on the island is called to take the necessary precautions to avoid getting infected. Ottley said currently there are 23 confirmed cases of COVID-19 on St. Maarten, while 3 of those persons are hospitalized


calypso05052021PHILIPSBURG:--- This Saturday, May 8, NIA will be having a very special Blackbox Series # 9 honoring Carnival and featuring our very own powerful female Calypsonians. Gracing the stage will be Empress Zee, Lady Tiffany, and Ebony Empress. In true Blackbox fashion, these local icons will not only engage in performance but also in meaningful dialogue about their Calypso journeys and their experiences thus far. The performance will be hosted by Fernando Clark. Join us for an eventful night of culture and conversation. Tickets go on sale at 6:30 pm. John Larmonie Center, Longwall Road #20. Masks required and Covid-19 rules enforced. The performance starts at 8 pm sharp!! Limited seating. See you there!"

AOV and AWW now to be paid on the 28th of each month.

omarottley23022021PHILIPSBURG:---  Earlier this year, SZV announced that the monthly AOV and AWW pension pay date would take place on the 1st of each month. Numerous concerns within the community were voiced about this, primarily the concern of pensioners receiving their payments late.
Together with the team of SZV, the Ministry of VSA was able to discuss these concerns.

Today, the Minister of VSA, Omar Ottley is happy to inform the public, that SZV will be making a change in the monthly pension payment schedule.

The change is as follows:
• The monthly AOV and AWW pension will be paid in advance, on the 28th of each month, excluding public holidays and weekends.
• All pensioners with a local bank account (Dutch SXM) can expect to receive their pension pay, in advance, on the 28th of each month.
• Pensioners abroad or those with an international bank account can expect their payment a few days later, based on the processing time of their international bank.

This change will go into effect immediately, which means that the pension payment for the upcoming month of June will be available on the 28th of May.
SZV will publish the new payment schedule today, on their website, Facebook page and other media channels.

Minister Ottley would like to thank the team of SZV for their timely cooperation with the Ministry of VSA to come together to achieve this result. A result, the Minister hopes will be a comfort to our pensioners.


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