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Norwegian Bliss Welcomed by Minister Violenus and Port Officials on Wednesday.

violenusnorwegian21112019PHILIPSBURG:---  Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) vessel Bliss was welcomed on Wednesday to the destination during its inaugural call. Port St. Maarten Management and other representatives lead by Minister of Tourism & Economic Affairs (Ministry TEATT) Hon. Rene Violenus, were on hand to offer and exchange the traditional welcome plaques and pleasantries with the Captain of the Norwegian Bliss.
Norwegian Bliss returned to the U.S. East Coast in November 2019 for a winter season of Caribbean cruising from New York City through early 2020. This is the third inaugural cruise call to the destination so far for the 2019-2020 cruise season.
Bliss is the third ship in the Breakaway Plus-class built by Meyer Werft in Germany for NCL. Sister ships are Joy and Escape. Construction of Norwegian Bliss commenced in October 2016 and the vessel was floated out in February 2018 and started its maiden voyage in April 2018.
Port St. Maarten Management said on Thursday: “We are once again happy to welcome another cruise vessel to our port and destination. All stakeholders continue to work diligently to ensure that we offer a unique and authentic cruise destination experience. We look forward to more inaugural calls during the 2019-2020 cruise season.”
The welcoming delegation included representatives from the St. Maarten Tourist Bureau, a representative of the Anguilla Tourism Board, and representatives from the Cabinet of the Minister TEATT.
Norwegian Bliss carries over 4,000 guests and 1,700 crew; it has an overall length of 324.6 meters (1,094 feet), a width of 41.4 meters, and a gross tonnage of 167,800 tons.
Norwegian Bliss prior to its inaugural call to Port St. Maarten commenced in April 2019 with offering U.S. West Coast cruises for a summer of the Mexican Riviera and Alaska. The vessel operated out of Los Angeles throughout April before joining its sister ship, Norwegian Joy, in Seattle for a summer of Alaska cruising. Both ships according to NCL are the largest to homeport on the U.S. West Coast.
NCL is considered one of the innovators in global cruise travel, breaking the boundaries of traditional cruising for over 52 years. Today, its fleet of 16 contemporary ships sail to nearly 300 of some of the world’s most desirable destinations, including Great Stirrup Cay, the company’s private island in the Bahamas and its resort destination Harvest Caye in Belize.

NCL is a leading global cruise company which operates the Norwegian Cruise Line, Oceania Cruises and Regent Seven Seas Cruises brands. With a combined fleet of 27 ships with approximately 58,400 berths, these brands offer itineraries to more than 450 destinations worldwide. The Company will introduce ten additional ships through 2027.

USP submits list with 19 candidates.

PJIAE a number one priority with US Preclearance.

PHILIPSBURG:--- Founder and leader of the United St. Maarten Peoples Party Frans Richardson headed the political party he formed after losing Rolando Brison to the UPP. Richardson said despite the challenges with the last minute changes. Richardson told reporters that it has been weeks of hard work putting his list together. He said, in the beginning, he had 28 candidates to choose from but due to changes he now has 19 just like he had in 2018.
The long-time politician who started off his political career under the branches of the National Alliance said that over the past year the former government did nothing. He said that in the case of housing was done for St. Maarten and its people.
Richardson said that his party has the PJIAE as first priority and while some people thinks the USP does not like those at PJIAE, he said that that is not the case but instead will continue to fight for the reconstruction of the airport while he will do his best to have US preclearance at PJIAE.
Newcomer to the slate is Claudius Buncamper who holds a senior position in the Ministry of VROMI. Buncamper said that he has been in the political arena for over 20 years as he supported his wife Maria Buncamper Molaus. However, he said he opted to enter the political arena because he holds a position where he sees lots of things but cannot really do anything about those things. Buncamper said that whatever he does he will be a target of the justice chain but he opted not to live in fear.
Also on the USP slate is former MP Romaine Laville who believes St. Maarten needs true leadership and he stands ready to give that leadership.

Candidates on the USP slate are

    1. Frans Richardson
    2. Claudius Buncamper
    3. Paul Lloyd
    4. Chanel Brownbill
    5. Delphine Brooks
    6. Elvis Flanders
    7. Romain Laville
    8. Richnel Brug
    9. Khalil Revan
    10. Akeem Arrindell
    11. Hilary Williams
    12. Curtis Thomas
    13. Almando Rohan
    14. Arthur Lambrix
    15. Sergio Bryson
    16. Wilfred Williams
    17. Martin Wilson
    18. Eligio Sommersaul
    19. Denis Williams


UD looking to be the stabilizer if elected.

Submitted list with 11 candidates.

PHILIPSBURG:--- Veteran politician and Member of Parliament Sarah Wescot Williams submitted a list with 11 candidates. It is the first time Wescot Williams headed a list with a limited list. She told reporters that the UD wants to be stabilizer if and when elected. She said has been calling on all political parties to come to together but they have not heeded her call. Asked how many seats she is expecting to receive, Wescott Williams said she will not limit herself even though the people did not need an election during this holiday season. The former DP leader said that she was not looking to fill a list but instead wanted candidates that have the same views as the UD.
The UD expects to campaign on stability and unity.
On the UD slate are the following candidates;

1. Sarah Wescot Williams
2. Emil Lee
3. Joireen Wuite
4. Perry Geerlings
5. Stuart Johnson
6. Remco Stomp
7. Conrad Richardson
8. Lucien Benschop
9. Shirley Hilare
10. Michael Seebaran
11. Yoan Torre Adams




SMCP intends to raise bar in parliament if elected.

PHILIPSBURG:--- Leader of St. Maarten Christian Party (SMCP) Wycliffe Smith presented a slate with 13 candidates. Smith told reporters that they were the stable partner in the UD/SMCP coalition thus he is hoping that the voters of St. Maarten will give them more seats in parliament.
Smith said the election is legal and that is why his party is taking part in the January elections.
Smith criticized the snap elections that are being called every year. Asked why he is contesting this election he said the election is legal and that he started a journey which he believed he has to continue while giving the people an option.
The SMCP leader said his party has principles and integrity something the other parties did not have prior to the establishment of the SMCP.


PPA submits list with 15 candidates.

PHILIPSBURG:--- Edwin Gumbs, deputy board submitted the list containing 15 candidates for the Peoples Progressive Alliance (PPA) Gumbs told the Central Voting Bureau that he was honored to submit the winning list.
Addressing the Central Voting Bureau was PPA leader Gracita told that elections were called in a festive period and are hoping that she secure 136 signatures needed on Friday.
Arrindell said the people of St. Maarten are suffering socially and mentality and that they deserve a stable and reliable representation. Arrindell said that elections are not a popularity contest and as such PPA is contesting this election because she believes the people of St. Maarten deserve the best type of representation.
The PPA has a message of hope and strength and the only way the PPA can serve if the voters chose the 15 persons on her slate.
Arrindell said she was the first President of Parliament who represented St. Maarten with dignity. Arrindell begs for another chance to serve as she wants to serve the people again.
She asked why are there is so much hatred and decisiveness in her country.
Arrindell said her party is capable to govern and to bring about stability and prosperity.

Candidates on the PPA slate are:

1 Gracita Arrindell

2.Lisa Alexander

3. Carmelita Smith

4. Adonis Cyntje

5. Roel Haakmat

6. Daphenie Benders

7. Jennifer DaSilva Carvalho

8. Narda De Windt

9. Maarten de Rijk

10.Sasha Serrant

11. Les Brown

12. Armado Gumbs

13. Frits Richardson

14. Patrick Williams

15. Kizzy Baptist

Click here for PPA List


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