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Active cases decreased by 10.

richardpanneflek23042020PHILIPSBURG:--- As of September 21st, there were seven (7) persons who tested positive for COVID-19, however, there was a recovery of seventeen (17) persons; bringing the total active cases to sixty- six (66). The total number of confirmed cases is now five hundred and ninety-one (591). The Collective Prevention Services (CPS) are monitoring 63 people in home isolation. Three patients are hospitalized at the St. Maarten Medical Center and the total number of deaths due to COVID-19
remains at 20.
The number of people recovered since the first case surfaced on St. Maarten is 505. Forty- six (46) people are in quarantine based on contact tracing investigations carried out by CPS of persons who may have been in contact with any of the active cases. 

CPS has tested 991 travelers arriving at the Princess Juliana International Airport, (PJIA) and 1890 people throughout the community. As the numbers continue to fluctuate, CPS will continue to actively execute its contact tracing measures.
Minister Panneflek wishes all persons affected by COVID-19 much strength. He encourages persons returning home daily, to leave your shoes at the door, remove your clothing, and shower immediately before interacting with your family members. We are in this fight together and we must adhere to the implemented guidelines to safeguard ourselves, our family, and our community in efforts to flatten the curve.

Teenage girl missing, wayward teenager returned home. (UPDATED)

missinghelen21092020PHILIPSBURG:--- The mother of 13year old Helen Cartagena Valencia filed a “missing’s person report”, today Monday, September 21st after the teen girl had not returned home since Saturday the 19th.

According to the reports filed with the Youth and Morals Department, the teenager left her house in Simpson on Saturday afternoon at approximately 2:00 pm and has not been seen since then.

She was last seen wearing a maroon-colored t-shirt and black short pants.

The Police Department is seeking the assistance of the community to help locate Helen Cartagena Valencia.

If you know/ think you may know the whereabouts of the missing teen please do not hesitate to contact the Sint Maarten Police Force at 54-22222 ext 203- 204-205, by calling the 911 emergency number or by sending the police Facebook page a private message.

Persons can also contact the mother of the missing teen, Angela Valencia, at 526-3226. Helen if you are reading this, please contact the police or your mother and let her know that you are safe.

 KPSM Press Release.


The teenager that was reported missing by her mother turned out to be a wayward13-year old who is in the habit of leaving her mother's house. Shortly after the publication of the missing person report the teenager wrote a comment on the Police Facebook page saying that she is not missing using an obscene language while indicating that her mother loves drama.

Police have since informed the media that the teenager returned to her mothers' house where police juevnile officers are busy speaking with her. It should also be noted that this is not the first time the teen ran away. The last time police reported her missing was in February 2020.

Below is the comment she posted on the police facebook page.


EXCLUSIVE: MP Christopher Emmanuel to appear in court Tuesday, while MP Buncamper next week.

emmanuelbuncamper21092020~ Begonia investigation to take another stage.~

PHILIPSBURG:--- Member of Parliament Christopher Emmanuel is due to appear in court on Tuesday as the Prosecutor’s Office seeks permission from the appeals court to prosecute the re-elected Member of Parliament.
Emmanuel is a suspect in the Begonia investigation. The former Minister of VROMI was arrested on October 22nd, 2019 when his name was submitted for screening since he was a candidate Minister for the Jacobs 1 interim government. Due to the arrest, Emmanuel could not be appointed Minister. On the same day, Emmanuel’s former chief of cabinet Marissa Richardson was also arrested, both Emmanuel and his former chief of the cabinet were released on October 25th, 2019.
Since then, Emmanuel ran on the National Alliance slate as their number 2 candidate who secured the second-highest amount of votes but fell out with his party during the National Alliance and United Peoples Party government formation.
Even though Emmanuel does not support the current coalition government he did not resign from the National Alliance.
Also slated to appear in court next week Tuesday is Member of Parliament Claudius Buncamper who is a suspect in the Landfill investigation that is undertaken by the TBO. MP Buncamper is accused of taking bribes as he was in charge of managing the Landfill while being the head of the Maintenance department in the Ministry of VROMI.

NAGICO Insurances grants another one-year rent free accommodation to ACE Foundation for the 5th year in a row.

PHILIPSBURG:--- NAGICO Insurances has granted another one-year rent-free accommodation to the A.C.E. (All Children Education) Foundation school which is run by Claire Elshot.
This decision by NAGICO came just before the rental contract with the school would have expired. The A.C.E Foundation school has been occupying the building owned by NAGICO since 2015 following their eviction from their previous location on LB Scott Road. Since then, NAGICO agreed to temporarily house the school free of charge to allow them time to find a more permanent location.
According to Elshot, the school which provides education to students of varying nationalities have been struggling to obtain adequate funding to pay for a location.
“Given the negative financial impact the COVID-19 virus is having on everyone, we knew we had to find a way to facilitate these children and the teachers, we could not turn our backs on them at a time like this, that is simply not humane or the NAGICO way of doing things, so we had to go back to the drawing board, and pull out all the stops to see how we could assist for at least one more year, with the hopes that things improve during this time,” Territory Head and Managing Director of St. Maarten; Eric Ellis said.
This means that NAGICO will continue to absorb the cost of rent for the location until September 30th, 2021.
“It is commendable what Claire Elshot and her team have done and we wish her much success in their efforts to ensure that these students are not displaced, and the teachers are not unemployed,” Ellis said.


Man arrested on Saba, Man fell down staircase.

On Saturday, September 19th, a man with initials T.J.H. aged 32, was arrested on St. Eustatius for failure to immediately follow a lawfully issued order from the police, for violation of the Opium Act BES and for insulting and threatening. The arrest was the result of the enforcement of the current emergency ordinance and took place at a location where police are constantly dispersing illegal gatherings in accordance with the Emergency Ordinance. The suspect initially refused to comply with the order of the police to vacate the location immediately. When the police approached the suspect, he threatened the police with his pit bull that he had with him. The suspect then began to verbally abuse and insult the police during the lawful execution of their duties.
On Friday, September 18th, the police central received a report that a man fell down a staircase near a house on the Thais Hill Road on Saba. The man tripped and fell as he ran after his dog. The man was taken to the hospital by ambulance for medical treatment. On Saturday, September 19th, news came in that the victim had died of his injuries. It concerns the man with initials M.S. Z. of 64 years.

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